CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Praeglobotruncana prahovae Neagu 1969

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Praeglobotruncana prahovae

Citation: Praeglobotruncana prahovae Neagu 1969
Rank: Species

Current identification/main database link: Praeglobotruncana delrioensis (Plummer, 1931)

Original Description
Test free., trochospiral with chambers arranged in 2 to 3 whorls, with a strongly convex to conical-convex spiral side; sutures of chambers are arcuate, deepened and faintly carinate (particularly on older whorls); surfaces of chambers are convex to markedly convex; the last whorl is composed of 6 to 8 large triangular to rounded chambers, slightly flattened towards the periphery, with radiate and deep sutures, the surface being smooth or covered with fine pustules, which are, however, lacking in the 2-3 last chambers. The umbilicus is wide or very wide, deep, and frequently covered with the lamellar extensions of the anterior apertures. Periphery is markedly lobate and provided with a faint keel, which may be absent on the last 2-3 chambers. Aperture consists of a low interiomarginal bow and is protected by a lip (hat continues umbilically by a lamellar extension.


Neagu, T. (1969). Cenomanian planktonic foraminifera in the southern part of the eastern Carpathians. Rocznik Polskie Towarzystwo Geologiczne = Annales de la Société Géologique de Pologne. 39: 132-181. gs


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