CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Prosphaeroidinella challengerae Ujiie 1976

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Prosphaeroidinella challengerae

Citation: Prosphaeroidinella challengerae Ujiie 1976

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Ujiie, H. (1976). Prosphaeroidinella, n. gen.: Probable ancestral taxon of Sphaeroidinellopsis (Foraminifera),. Bulletin of the National Science Museum, Series C (Geology). 2(1): 9-26. gs


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Nomen nudum only listed no description, not figured:

The genus Prosphaeroidinella was described one year later.

Jeremy Young (Tonbridge, UK)

thanks, i've changed the data for the species. Could you find a PDF of the 1976 reference? Jeremy


It should be available here:

but the link does not work


I think it was neither described in 1976. I think it is just listed in Ujiié paper from 1975. He wrote he will describe the genus later.

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