CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Pseudohastigerina sharkriverensis Berggren & Olsson, in Berggren et al.  1967

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Pseudohastigerina sharkriverensis

Citation: Pseudohastigerina sharkriverensis Berggren & Olsson, in Berggren et al.  1967
Rank: Species
Holotype Repository: Washington; USNM
Type & figured specimens: 509801

Linked specimens: USNM-509801 USNM-509802

Current identification/main database link: Pseudohastigerina sharkriverensis Berggren and Olsson 1967

Original Description
"Test planispiral, rather tightly coiled, involute, biumbilicate, compressed, subquadrate in equatorial profile; equatorial periphery moderately lobulate; axial periphery rounded. Wall smooth, finely perforate. Six, ocassionally 5, chambers in the ultimate whorl; early chambers increasing evenly in size; last 2 or 3 chambers greatly enlarged in size over the earlier ones; chambers inflated, subspherical to ovoid in shape, moderately embracing; last two generally make up half the test size. Sutures radial, moderately depressed. Test biumbilicate, umbilici small and shallow. Aperture interiomarginal, equatorial, symmetrical, consisting of a low narrow discontinuous lip. In large adult test the ultimate chamber becomes attached at the axial periphery, thus making the primary aperture bipartite. Greatest diameter 0.40 mm.; greatest thickness 0.24 mm.


Berggren, W. A., Olsson, R. K. & Reyment, R. A. (1967). Origin and development of the foraminiferal genus Pseudohastigerina Banner and Blow, 1959. Micropaleontology. 13(3): 265-288. gs

Olsson, R. K. & Hemleben, C. (2006). Taxonomy, biostratigraphy, and phylogeny of Eocene Globanomalina, Planoglobanomalina n. gen and Pseudohastigerina. In, Pearson, P. N. , Olsson, R. K. , Hemleben, C. , Huber, B. T. & Berggren, W. A. (eds) Atlas of Eocene Planktonic Foraminifera. Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, Special Publication. 41(Chap 14): 413-432. gs


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