CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis globulosa Gohrbandt 1967

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Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis globulosa

Citation: Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis globulosa Gohrbandt 1967
Holotype Repository: Vienna; Department of Geology, Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

Current identification/main database link: Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis (Cushman & Ponton 1932)

Original Description
"Diagnosis.- Test free, planispirally coiled, biumbilicate, slightly evolute; periphery moderately lobulate. Wall calcareous, finely perforate, surface smooth. Chambers spherical, the last whorl consisting of 6 chambers, increasing rapidly in size. Sutures radial, slightly curved, depressed. Aperture a low equatorial arch, with a small apertural lip. "Remarks.- Globanomalina wilcoxensis globulosa is well-represented in a number of samples from the Helvetikum north of Salzburg. The specimens are closely related to Globanomalina wilcoxensis (Cushman and Ponton) [Nonion wilcoxensis, 1932], and are regarded as belonging to a subspecies of that form. In common with typical Globanomalina wilcoxensis are the sherical chambers and their rapid increase in size. There seems to be no difference in general size of the new subspecies. Cushman and Ponton (1932, Cushman Lab. Foram. Res., Contr., vol. 8, pt. 3, p. 64) reported a diameter of 0.25 mm. for the holotype, but Berggren (1960, Stockholm Contr. Geol., vol. 3, p. 91) found the synonymous Globanomalina eocenica (Berggren) [Hastigerina eocenica, 1960] to have a size similar to that of Globanomalina wilcoxensis globulosa. However, both of these forms have straight sutures, whereas the new subspecies has slightly but consistently curved sutures. They are never as curved as those of the smaller and somewhat compressed Globanomalina micra (Cole) [Nonion micrus, 1927. Globanomalina pseudoevoluta (Bandy) [Globigerinella pseudovoluta, 1949] has areticulate wall structure."


Gohrbandt, K. H. A. (1967). Some new planktonic foraminiferal species from the Austrian Eocene. Micropaleontology. 13(3): 319-326. gs


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