Cenozoic Planktonic Foraminifera

Classification: pf_cenozoic
Sister taxa:
Daughter taxa: (blue => in age window 0-800Ma) Granddaughter taxa
Wall spinose, usually with 3½-6 globular chambers in final whorl, trochospiral or planispiral

Macroperforate, non-spinose

Planispiral, wall smooth


Hedbergellids - trochospiral, mostly low trochospiral. Apertures of earlier formed chambers remain visible around the umbilicus.

monolamellar, thick spines, thin shell


Microperforate with sutural apertures (and possibly a separate evolutionary origin)

Biserial & triserial
Biserial, enrolled biserial and triserial taxa. Wall microperforate.

Biserial (separate evolutionary origin)


Citation: Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera
Rank: informal group

Catalog entries: Globorotalia (Fohsella)

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