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So, the idea here is that we can use the commenting tools to discuss anything about the site or planktonic foraminifera. If discussions get long we can split the page into different topics. If no-one says anything we will quietly remove the page.

At the very least we will read every comment posted here so feel free to use this for:

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Nasrin (Iran)

This is for A.palmerae, that is incorrect. base in Lutetian stage and top in Ypresian stage is correct.

Last occurrence (top): within E7 zone (45.72-50.20Ma, top in Lutetian stage). Data source: Berggren et al. 2006, f12.1

First occurrence (base): within E7 zone (45.72-50.20Ma, base in Ypresian stage). Data source: Berggren et al. 2006, f12.1

Bojan (Serbia)

Thank you very much for this excellent database. It is a valuable source and very useful tool. However, Postuma (1971) photo of G. concavata for Dicarinella concavata is replaced with "Marginotruncana" coronata. All the best

Jeremy Young (UK)


Good to hear you find the database useful and thank you for pointing out that mistake, and especially for taking the time to work out what had happened. I hope this was an isolated mistake arising during bulk processing of hundreds of images but if you spot any more please do let us know via the comments. I have replaced the images now with the correct ones.

Jeremy Young

Dr B. Glavaš - Trbić (Serbia)


thank you for brilliant database. This was small contribution.

Philip Copestake (Ledbury, UK)

I have just recently seen this excellent database. Is there anything similar for benthonic forams? I would be happy to collaborate with my info on Lower Jurassic forams.

Philip Copestake.

Jeremy Young

Hi Phil

Good that you like the site. The nearest thing for benthonics so far is the site, which is a very impressive effort but coming from a somewhat different direction. It would certainly be possible to put you monograph into the mikrotax format and maybe it would be a good way to start a benthic site of this type, certainly we are very willing to expand the scope of the project.

Jeremy (

Michael Hesemann

Congratulations !

It is great to see the Chronos Database safe, in a new place and with the addition of most of the Neogene taxa.

We will use this valuable resource frequently to better understand and discuss amongst us the ID of the many planktonic specimens in our samples. It will help us a lot to enlarge our catalog.

Michael Hesemann Project

Jeremy Young

Thanks Michael, much appreciated. There is a link to in the links menu already - and please feel free to ask if you want to use anything from this site.


Jeremy Young (UCL, UK)
This a test comment - please add your own. feedback on what you do or do not like about the site is always useful and this is an ideal place to share your thoughts.
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