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Dorcadospyris anastasis Nigrini et al. 2006
= Dorcadospyris anastasis
Dorcadospyris antilope Haeckel 1887

Dorcadospyris copelata Nigrini et al. 2006
= Dorcadospyris copelata
Dorcadospyris costatescens Goll 1969
= Dorcadospyris costatescens
Dorcadospyris cyclacantha Nigrini et al. 2006
= Dorcadospyris cyclacantha
Dorcadospyris decussata Haeckel 1887

Dorcadospyris dentata Haeckel 1887
= Dorcadospyris dentata
Dorcadospyris dinoceras Haeckel 1887

Dorcadospyris kennetti Renaudie & Lazarus 2015

not figuredDorcadospyris lunulata Haeckel 1887

Dorcadospyris magnipora Principi 1909

Dorcadospyris mahurangi O'Connor 1994
= Dorcadospyris mahurangi
Dorcadospyris ombros Nigrini et al. 2006
= Dorcadospyris ombros
Dorcadospyris praeforcipata Moore 1971
= Dorcadospyris praeforcipata
Dorcadospyris pseudopapilio Moore 1971
= Dorcadospyris pseudopapilio
Dorcadospyris quadripes Moore 1971
= Dorcadospyris quadripes
Dorcadospyris riedeli Moore 1971
= Dorcadospyris riedeli
Dorcadospyris scambos Nigrini et al. 2006
= Dorcadospyris scambos
Dorcadospyris spinosa Moore 1971
= Dorcadospyris spinosa


Citation: Dorcadospyris Haeckel 1882
Rank: genus
Type species: Dorcadospyris dentata Haeckel 1887 [designated by Campbell,1954, p.D112]
Described on page(s) : 441
Family (traditional): Trissocyclidae

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Current identification/main database link: Dorcadospyris Haeckel 1881

Original Description
2a. Tribus: Dipodospyrida. Dyospyrida acuta, cum spina apicali (simplici, occipitali).
A. pedibus duobus liberis, non unitis.
AII. pedibus spinarum serie obsitis.

Translation: 2a. Tribe: Dipodospyrida. Acute Dyospyrida, with apical spine (simple, occipital).
A. With two feet free, not joined.
AII. With feet bearing a row of spines. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]

Etymology: From the Greek dorcadospyris = basket with two horns, similar to an antelope"


Haeckel, E. (1882). Entwurf eines Radiolarien-Systems auf Grund von Studien der Challenger-Radiolarien [Basis for a radiolarian classification from the study of Radiolaria of the Challenger collection]. Jenaische Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaft. 15: 418-472. gs


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