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Euchitonia acuta Stöhr 1880

Euchitonia aequipondata Popofsky 1912

Euchitonia amoena Pantanelli 1880

Euchitonia beckmanni Haeckel 1862

Euchitonia carcinus Haeckel 1887

Euchitonia clathrata Pantanelli 1880

Euchitonia crevolensis Pantanelli 1880

Euchitonia cruciata Stöhr 1880

Euchitonia dubia Pantanelli 1880

Euchitonia echinata Haeckel 1887

Euchitonia furcata Ehrenberg 1873

Euchitonia gegenbauri Haeckel 1862

Euchitonia grandis Pantanelli 1880

Euchitonia koellikeri Haeckel 1862

Euchitonia krohnii Haeckel 1862

Euchitonia lanceolata Haeckel 1887

Euchitonia leydigii Haeckel 1862

Euchitonia muelleri Haeckel 1862

Euchitonia muellerites Pantanelli 1880

Euchitonia pantanellii Issel 1889

Euchitonia stoehrii Haeckel 1887

Euchitonia triradiata Glazunova et al. 1960

Euchitonia virchowii Haeckel 1862


Citation: Euchitonia Ehrenberg 1861
Rank: genus
Type species: Euchitonia furcata Ehrenberg 1873 [designated by Haeckel,1887a, p.532]
Described on page(s) : 831
Family (traditional): Spongodiscidae

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Current identification/main database link: Euchitonia Ehrenberg 1860

Original Description
Polycystinum compositum e Calodictyis. Testula silicea plana spongioso-cellulosa, lobato-stellata. Cellulae disci spongiaceae concentricae. Membrana cellulosa radios ad apices usque coniungens.

Ab affini Histiastro fossili Antillarum membrana totos radios involvente differt, quae in illo prope discum solummodo observatur. Praeterea aculei validi Histiastri triactidis et quaternarii radios terminant, quae in Euchitonia desiderantur.

Translation: Composite polycystin of the Calodictya. Small test, siliceous, flat, spongy-porous, lobate-stellate. Pores of the spongy disc concentric. A porous membrane connects the radii all the way to their apices.

Differs from the related fossil Histiastrum from the Antilles, which has a membrane only near the disc, in having a membrane surrounding all the radii. Besides, the radii of Histiastrum triactis and H. quaternaria terminate in strong spines, which are lacking in Euchitonia. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]

Etymology: From the Greek euchitonia = nice shell"

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Editors' Notes
[Euchitonia Ehrenberg, 1860a [775:767] is a Nomen Nudum]


Ehrenberg, C. G. (1861c). Uber den Tiefgrund des stillen Oceans zwischen Californien und den Sandwich-Inseln aus bis 15600' Tiefe nach Lieut. Brooke. Monatsberichte der Koniglichen Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1860: 819-834. gs


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