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Orostaurus simplex

Citation: Orostaurus simplex Friend & Riedel 1967
Rank: species
Type specimens: pl.1, figs.3-4
Type repository: Holotype USNM No.649462 and paratype USNM No.649463, U.S. National Museum, Washington, D. C.
Described on page(s) : p.222
Family (traditional): Orosphaeridae
Family (modern): Orosphaeridae

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Original Description
Skeleton consists of 7-12 (usually 8) spines projecting from the ends of a short bar. Usually 4 (sometimes 3) downwardly directed spines are much longer than the others and are often branched. In some specimens these branches anastomose forming a lattice with large quadrangular or triangular pores. Upwardly directed spines short, acute, and with slightly rough surface texture. In specimens with 3 downwardly and 5 upwardly directed spines, one of the upwardly directed ones is often longer than the others and is curved downward proximally and upward distally.

(Based on 43 specimens) Length of upwardly directed spines 0.08-1.0 mm., of downwardly directed spines 2.0-4.6 mm. Diameter of pores 40-370┬Ám. Distinguishing characters (rw): This species differs from 0. duplex in having only one rudimentary lattice shell, and four upwardly directed spines. These two species are only hesitantly placed in the same genus.

Etymology: Latin "simplex" (-plicis) = simple


Friend, J. K. & Riedel, W. R. (1967). Cenozoic orosphaerid radiolarians from tropical Pacific sediments. Micropaleontology. 13(2): 217-232. gs


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