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This catalog consists of scans of cards from the "John William Index of Palaeopalynology" compiled by John Williams between 1971 and 2010 - see also this page.
The cards inclued here are only those for the acritarchs, they are sorted alphabetically for simple browsing. You can also use search boxes at the top & bottom of the page to find specific taxa
There are PDF (higher quality) and jpeg (faster opening) copies of the cards, the content of them is identical

Gorgonisphaeridium has 90 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 G. abs :: 2 G. gra :: 3 G. tab
Gorgonisphaeridium absitum

Gorgonisphaeridium abstrusum

Gorgonisphaeridium acaciaense

Gorgonisphaeridium adjunctum

Gorgonisphaeridium aesculum

Gorgonisphaeridium amazonense

Gorgonisphaeridium ambiguum

Gorgonisphaeridium amplum

Gorgonisphaeridium anasillos

Gorgonisphaeridium andrewsii

Gorgonisphaeridium antiquum

Gorgonisphaeridium asperum

Gorgonisphaeridium bifidum

Gorgonisphaeridium bringewoodensis

Gorgonisphaeridium cacteum

Gorgonisphaeridium canningense

Gorgonisphaeridium carminae

Gorgonisphaeridium carnarvonense

Gorgonisphaeridium chagrinense

Gorgonisphaeridium chattonii

Gorgonisphaeridium citrinum

Gorgonisphaeridium compactum

Gorgonisphaeridium condensum

Gorgonisphaeridium coniferum

Gorgonisphaeridium crebrum

Gorgonisphaeridium crenulatum

Gorgonisphaeridium crinigerum

Gorgonisphaeridium cumulatum

Gorgonisphaeridium daktylidion

Gorgonisphaeridium discissum

Gorgonisphaeridium disparatum

Gorgonisphaeridium diversispinosum

Gorgonisphaeridium echinodermum

Gorgonisphaeridium elongatum

Gorgonisphaeridium estrellaferum

Gorgonisphaeridium evexispinosum

Gorgonisphaeridium frequens

Gorgonisphaeridium fui

Gorgonisphaeridium furcillatum

Gorgonisphaeridium granatum

Gorgonisphaeridium has 90 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 G. abs :: 2 G. gra :: 3 G. tab

Current identification:

taxonomic rank: Genus


Acritax - Acritax_JWIP - Gorgonisphaeridium compiled by John Williams and Brian Pedder

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