Acritax - Acritax_Camb - Ninadiacrodium caudatum Acritax - Acritax_Camb - Ninadiacrodium caudatum

Ninadiacrodium caudatum

Classification: Acritax_Camb -> Ninadiacrodium -> Ninadiacrodium caudatum
Sister taxa: N. aff caudatum, N. caudatum, N. dumontii, N. sp.



Citation: Ninadiacrodium caudatum (Vanguestaine 1973) Raevskaya & Servais 2009
taxonomic rank: species
Taxonomic discussion:

Ninadiacrodium caudatum is a distinctive and stratigraphically important taxon. To avoid any potential dilution of the specific concept a possibly closely related form encountered in the Comley samples is treated separately below as N. aff. caudatum. [Potter et al. 2012]

JWIP Catalog pages: N. caudatum * , D. caudatum *

13 specimens. Vesicle length 23.5 (30) 35 μm; vesicle breadth 18.5 (23) 29 μm; apical process length 7 (11.5) 17.5 μm; antapical process length 10 (13) 18.5 μm; antapical process number 7 (9) 11. [Potter et al. 2012]

Geological Range:

  • Furongian, Belgium and France (Vanguestaine, 1973; Ribecai & Vanguestaine, 1993);
  • Furongian, Parabolina spinulosa Zone to Lower Tremadocian (verified by macrofossils), eastern Newfoundland (Martin & Dean, 1981, 1988);
  • Furongian, Parabolina spinulosa Zone, P. spinulosa Subzone (verified by macrofossils), eastern Newfoundland (Parsons & Anderson, 2000);
  • Furongian, East European Platform (Volkova, 1990);
  • Furongian, North Estonia (Paalits, 1992a);
  • Furongian, southern Tunisia (Vecoli, 1999);
  • Furongian, southwestern Sardinia (Ribecai et al., 2005);
  • Furongian, Arctic Russia (Raevskaya & Servais, 2009).

Last occurrence (top): within Furongian Epoch (486.85-497.00Ma, top in Age 10 stage). Data source: Potter et al. 2012
First occurrence (base): within Furongian Epoch (486.85-497.00Ma, base in Paibian stage). Data source: Potter et al. 2012

Plot of occurrence data: <% graph_caption %>


Potter, T. L., Pedder, B. E. & Feist-Burkhardt, S. (2012). Cambrian Furongian Series acritarchs from the Comley area, Shropshire, England. Journal of Micropalaeontology. 31(1): 1-28. gs

Raevskaya, E. G. & Servais, T. (2009). Ninadiacrodium; a new Late Cambrian acritarch genus and index fossil. Palynology. 33(1): 219-239. gs

Vanguestaine, M. (1973). New acritarchs from the upper Cambrian of Belgium. In: microfossils of the oldest deposits. In, Proceedings of the Third International Palynological Conference, Novosibirsk, 1971. Trudyi Instituta Geologii i Geogiziki, Sibiriskoe Otlodelenie, Akademiya Nauk SSSR (Nauka) Moscow . 28-30. gs

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