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This catalog consists of scans of cards from the "John William Index of Palaeopalynology" compiled by John Williams between 1971 and 2010 - see also this page.
The cards inclued here are only those for the acritarchs, they are sorted alphabetically for simple browsing. You can also use search boxes at the top & bottom of the page to find specific taxa
There are PDF (higher quality) and jpeg (faster opening) copies of the cards, the content of them is identical

C has 173 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Caddas :: 2 Cepill :: 3 Closte :: 4 Coroll :: 5 Cyclom

(1 sub-taxa)
Cyclomedusa davidi


(1 sub-taxa)
Cycloposphaeridium auriculatum


(22 sub-taxa)


(2 sub-taxa)
Cylindraceusa brevis
Cylindraceusa longa


(70 sub-taxa)
Cymatiogalea ancora
Cymatiogalea aperta
Cymatiogalea aspergillum
Cymatiogalea barbara
Cymatiogalea bellicosa
Cymatiogalea bifurcata
Cymatiogalea boulouardi
Cymatiogalea bouvardii
Cymatiogalea catherinae
Cymatiogalea columellifera
Cymatiogalea crassa
Cymatiogalea crassula
Cymatiogalea cristata
Cymatiogalea cuvillieri
Cymatiogalea cylindrata
Cymatiogalea dentalae
Cymatiogalea deunffi
Cymatiogalea distincta
Cymatiogalea diversita
Cymatiogalea elgassiense
Cymatiogalea fascicularis
Cymatiogalea fimbriata
Cymatiogalea gautieri
Cymatiogalea gemmata
Cymatiogalea geometrica
Cymatiogalea glabra
Cymatiogalea gorkae
Cymatiogalea granulata
Cymatiogalea hunjiangensis
Cymatiogalea ianishewskyi
Cymatiogalea jilinensis
Cymatiogalea levis
Cymatiogalea margaritata
Cymatiogalea membrana
Cymatiogalea membranispina
Cymatiogalea membranula
Cymatiogalea membrasnacea
Cymatiogalea messaoudensis
Cymatiogalea messaoudii
Cymatiogalea minor
Cymatiogalea modesta
Cymatiogalea multarea
Cymatiogalea multiclaustra
Cymatiogalea nebulifera
Cymatiogalea ornata
Cymatiogalea paradoxa
Cymatiogalea parva
Cymatiogalea parvivela
Cymatiogalea philippotii
Cymatiogalea polygonophora
Cymatiogalea procuvillieri
Cymatiogalea pudica
Cymatiogalea ramosa
Cymatiogalea regularis
Cymatiogalea simplex
Cymatiogalea spinata
Cymatiogalea stelligera
Cymatiogalea striatula
Cymatiogalea stylifera
Cymatiogalea suecica
Cymatiogalea testudinis
Cymatiogalea trevisanii
Cymatiogalea trifida
Cymatiogalea vanguestainei
Cymatiogalea velifera
Cymatiogalea verrucosa
Cymatiogalea virgulta
Cymatiogalea volkovae
Cymatiogalea wironia
Cymatiogalea zagoriensis


(1 sub-taxa)
Cymatiomorpha variabilis


(236 sub-taxa)
Cymatiosphaera acinosa
Cymatiosphaera acrochorda
Cymatiosphaera acuminata
Cymatiosphaera adaiochorata
Cymatiosphaera ambotrocha
Cymatiosphaera americana
Cymatiosphaera ancorae
Cymatiosphaera antera
Cymatiosphaera apiaria
Cymatiosphaera areolata
Cymatiosphaera argovejae
Cymatiosphaera asarota
Cymatiosphaera aseriensis
Cymatiosphaera baarstadi
Cymatiosphaera baffinensis
Cymatiosphaera baicita
Cymatiosphaera baikitica
Cymatiosphaera bireticula
Cymatiosphaera blaisdonica
Cymatiosphaera blandula
Cymatiosphaera bleawykensis
Cymatiosphaera boulouardii
Cymatiosphaera bounolopha
Cymatiosphaera brevicrista
Cymatiosphaera bucacoensis
Cymatiosphaera bujakii
Cymatiosphaera canadensis
Cymatiosphaera cantabrica
Cymatiosphaera capsulara
Cymatiosphaera carminae
Cymatiosphaera cavea
Cymatiosphaera cecryphala
Cymatiosphaera celtica
Cymatiosphaera centrigera
Cymatiosphaera chelina
Cymatiosphaera chlamydea
Cymatiosphaera cingulata
Cymatiosphaera cladora
Cymatiosphaera compta
Cymatiosphaera concinna
Cymatiosphaera conopa
Cymatiosphaera cornifera
Cymatiosphaera coronis
Cymatiosphaera costata
Cymatiosphaera crameri
Cymatiosphaera craticula
Cymatiosphaera crispa
Cymatiosphaera cristata
Cymatiosphaera crucivelata
Cymatiosphaera cubotenuis
Cymatiosphaera cubus
Cymatiosphaera daioariochora
Cymatiosphaera deanei
Cymatiosphaera decora
Cymatiosphaera delicata
Cymatiosphaera densa
Cymatiosphaera densisepta
Cymatiosphaera devonica
Cymatiosphaera dictyophora
Cymatiosphaera dictyospyroides
Cymatiosphaera echinata
Cymatiosphaera elgassiensis
Cymatiosphaera elliptica
Cymatiosphaera eltonensis
Cymatiosphaera enamorada
Cymatiosphaera eupeplos
Cymatiosphaera exilissima
Cymatiosphaera fagonii
Cymatiosphaera falcata
Cymatiosphaera fallax
Cymatiosphaera favosa
Cymatiosphaera fenxiangensis
Cymatiosphaera ferquensis
Cymatiosphaera fistulosa
Cymatiosphaera florida
Cymatiosphaera flosdevonica
Cymatiosphaera franjada
Cymatiosphaera fritilla
Cymatiosphaera garecai
Cymatiosphaera globulosa
Cymatiosphaera gondwanensis
Cymatiosphaera gorstia
Cymatiosphaera gotlandica
Cymatiosphaera grandis
Cymatiosphaera granulosa
Cymatiosphaera habibii
Cymatiosphaera hancevilliana
Cymatiosphaera heloderma
Cymatiosphaera hermosa
Cymatiosphaera hexagon
Cymatiosphaera hillaea
Cymatiosphaera hungarica
Cymatiosphaera hydusensis
Cymatiosphaera hymenosynypha
Cymatiosphaera ibica
Cymatiosphaera igoi
Cymatiosphaera imitata
Cymatiosphaera imparajubata
Cymatiosphaera imperfecta
Cymatiosphaera inclusa
Cymatiosphaera intersignata
Cymatiosphaera invaginata
Cymatiosphaera irregulare
Cymatiosphaera jardinei
Cymatiosphaera keilaensis
Cymatiosphaera kiryanovii
Cymatiosphaera kraeuselii
Cymatiosphaera kullingi
Cymatiosphaera labyrinthica
Cymatiosphaera latimurata
Cymatiosphaera latisepta
Cymatiosphaera lavrovii
Cymatiosphaera lawsonii
Cymatiosphaera lazdynica
Cymatiosphaera ledburica
Cymatiosphaera legionis
Cymatiosphaera leonensis
Cymatiosphaera ligitiosa
Cymatiosphaera limbatisphaera
Cymatiosphaera llandoveryensis
Cymatiosphaera longhopica
Cymatiosphaera luminosa
Cymatiosphaera maculosiverticilla
Cymatiosphaera magnata
Cymatiosphaera magnifica
Cymatiosphaera mariae
Cymatiosphaera meandrica
Cymatiosphaera melikera
Cymatiosphaera membranacea
Cymatiosphaera mendax
Cymatiosphaera microbaculata
Cymatiosphaera microreticulata
Cymatiosphaera milonii
Cymatiosphaera minima
Cymatiosphaera minuta
Cymatiosphaera miocaenica
Cymatiosphaera mirabilis
Cymatiosphaera mortimerensis
Cymatiosphaera multibaculata
Cymatiosphaera multicristata
Cymatiosphaera multisepta
Cymatiosphaera muralis
Cymatiosphaera nabalaensis
Cymatiosphaera nebulosa
Cymatiosphaera nekouda
Cymatiosphaera nerisica
Cymatiosphaera nimia
Cymatiosphaera notialis
Cymatiosphaera nuda
Cymatiosphaera numisma
Cymatiosphaera octoplana
Cymatiosphaera opiparia
Cymatiosphaera orbicalcis
Cymatiosphaera ovillensis
Cymatiosphaera pachyderma
Cymatiosphaera pachytheca
Cymatiosphaera parva
Cymatiosphaera parvicarina
Cymatiosphaera parvirugosa
Cymatiosphaera pastilla
Cymatiosphaera paucimembranae
Cymatiosphaera pauciplanum
Cymatiosphaera pavimenta
Cymatiosphaera peifferi
Cymatiosphaera peligrosa
Cymatiosphaera pentagonalis
Cymatiosphaera pentaster
Cymatiosphaera perimembrana
Cymatiosphaera philippotii
Cymatiosphaera placophora
Cymatiosphaera platoloma
Cymatiosphaera plicata
Cymatiosphaera polonica
Cymatiosphaera polyornata
Cymatiosphaera polypartita
Cymatiosphaera postii
Cymatiosphaera precambrica
Cymatiosphaera primarium
Cymatiosphaera primitiva
Cymatiosphaera prismatica
Cymatiosphaera pseudoundulata
Cymatiosphaera pterophora
Cymatiosphaera pterota
Cymatiosphaera pulchella
Cymatiosphaera pumila
Cymatiosphaera punctifera
Cymatiosphaera pusilla
Cymatiosphaera pygmaeis
Cymatiosphaera radiata
Cymatiosphaera radiosepta
Cymatiosphaera rakverensis
Cymatiosphaera reticulata
Cymatiosphaera reticulosa
Cymatiosphaera rhacoamba
Cymatiosphaera rhodana
Cymatiosphaera rotunda
Cymatiosphaera rugostriatus
Cymatiosphaera salopensis
Cymatiosphaera scabrata
Cymatiosphaera serrata
Cymatiosphaera solfensis
Cymatiosphaera sp. 1 Schioler 2005
Cymatiosphaera sp. A Moczydlowska and Stockfors 2004
Cymatiosphaera sp. A Quattrocchio 1980
Cymatiosphaera sp. Levy and Harwood 2000
Cymatiosphaera sp. Nasserjah 1989
Cymatiosphaera spicigera
Cymatiosphaera spinosa
Cymatiosphaera stigmata
Cymatiosphaera striata
Cymatiosphaera subarmata
Cymatiosphaera subrotunda
Cymatiosphaera subtrita
Cymatiosphaera taiwaniana
Cymatiosphaera tecta
Cymatiosphaera teichophera
Cymatiosphaera tenuimembrana
Cymatiosphaera tetraster
Cymatiosphaera tortuosa
Cymatiosphaera tremaphora
Cymatiosphaera triangularis
Cymatiosphaera triradiata
Cymatiosphaera tryphera
Cymatiosphaera turbinata
Cymatiosphaera undulata
Cymatiosphaera velata
Cymatiosphaera velicarina
Cymatiosphaera velifera
Cymatiosphaera verecunda
Cymatiosphaera vespertilio
Cymatiosphaera volkheimerii
Cymatiosphaera wanlongensis
Cymatiosphaera wenlockia
Cymatiosphaera wetzelii
Cymatiosphaera winderi
Cymatiosphaera yunnanensis


(5 sub-taxa)
Cymatiosphaeroides dilutopilum
Cymatiosphaeroides filiformis
Cymatiosphaeroides kullingii
Cymatiosphaeroides pilatipilum
Cymatiosphaeroides yinii


(7 sub-taxa)
Cymatiosphaeropsis imitata
Cymatiosphaeropsis magnata
Cymatiosphaeropsis ordinata
Cymatiosphaeropsis punctifera
Cymatiosphaeropsis reticulosa
Cymatiosphaeropsis rotundus
Cymatiosphaeropsis stigmata


(10 sub-taxa)
Cymbosphaeridium armatum
Cymbosphaeridium bikidium
Cymbosphaeridium cariniosum
Cymbosphaeridium euernes
Cymbosphaeridium gueltaense
Cymbosphaeridium molyneuxii
Cymbosphaeridium pilar
Cymbosphaeridium pilaroides
Cymbosphaeridium ravum
Cymbosphaeridium sp. A


(1 sub-taxa)
Cypandinia supracomposita


(1 sub-taxa)
Cystidiopsis certa


(1 sub-taxa)
Cystoglobophycus laxus

C has 173 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Caddas :: 2 Cepill :: 3 Closte :: 4 Coroll :: 5 Cyclom

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Acritax - Acritax_JWIP - C compiled by John Williams and Brian Pedder

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