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This catalog consists of scans of cards from the "John William Index of Palaeopalynology" compiled by John Williams between 1971 and 2010 - see also this page.
The cards inclued here are only those for the acritarchs, they are sorted alphabetically for simple browsing. You can also use search boxes at the top & bottom of the page to find specific taxa
There are PDF (higher quality) and jpeg (faster opening) copies of the cards, the content of them is identical

D has 71 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Dabani :: 2 Dictyo

(102 sub-taxa)
Dictyotidium alveolatum
Dictyotidium ambonum
Dictyotidium amydrum
Dictyotidium apiaria
Dictyotidium araiomegaronium
Dictyotidium arctum
Dictyotidium arenosum
Dictyotidium areolatum
Dictyotidium asperatum
Dictyotidium baculum
Dictyotidium birvetense
Dictyotidium biscutulatum
Dictyotidium bonnetii
Dictyotidium bottnicum
Dictyotidium brevis
Dictyotidium callum
Dictyotidium cambriense
Dictyotidium cataphractum
Dictyotidium cavernosulum
Dictyotidium cecryphalum
Dictyotidium circulareticulatum
Dictyotidium coarctatum
Dictyotidium cohora
Dictyotidium compactum
Dictyotidium conflictivus
Dictyotidium confragum
Dictyotidium convexum
Dictyotidium craticulum
Dictyotidium debiliconspicutum
Dictyotidium defectivum
Dictyotidium deflandrei
Dictyotidium densureticulatum
Dictyotidium dentatum
Dictyotidium dictyotum
Dictyotidium eastendense
Dictyotidium eisenackii
Dictyotidium ellipticum
Dictyotidium eniseicum
Dictyotidium eurydictyotum
Dictyotidium explicatum
Dictyotidium fairfieldensis
Dictyotidium fastigatum
Dictyotidium faviforme
Dictyotidium fistulosum
Dictyotidium foveolatum
Dictyotidium fullerense
Dictyotidium gasikulehuense
Dictyotidium giganteum
Dictyotidium granulatum
Dictyotidium hasletianum
Dictyotidium indefinitum
Dictyotidium inordinatum
Dictyotidium jachowiczii
Dictyotidium jiaboi
Dictyotidium jiangsuanse
Dictyotidium legionis
Dictyotidium limbatum
Dictyotidium litum
Dictyotidium macroreticulatum
Dictyotidium microreticulatum
Dictyotidium minor
Dictyotidium multipolygonatum
Dictyotidium multispinosum
Dictyotidium munificum
Dictyotidium obesum
Dictyotidium oculatum
Dictyotidium operculatum
Dictyotidium pachydermum
Dictyotidium papillatum
Dictyotidium perfilum
Dictyotidium perforatum
Dictyotidium perlucidum
Dictyotidium polosymmetricum
Dictyotidium polygonium
Dictyotidium priscum
Dictyotidium prolatum
Dictyotidium reticulatum
Dictyotidium rugireticulatum
Dictyotidium senticogremium
Dictyotidium shaunavonense
Dictyotidium souzae
Dictyotidium sp. A Ravn & Benson 1988
Dictyotidium sp. B Ravn & Benson 1988
Dictyotidium sp. Nasserjah 1989
Dictyotidium spinoreticulatum
Dictyotidium stellatum
Dictyotidium stenodictyum
Dictyotidium superbum
Dictyotidium tappaniae
Dictyotidium telychense
Dictyotidium tenuiornatum
Dictyotidium terinum
Dictyotidium torosum
Dictyotidium tungosum
Dictyotidium variatum
Dictyotidium venosum
Dictyotidium venulosum
Dictyotidium vesiculum
Dictyotidium vietulum
Dictyotidium viltaforme
Dictyotidium yunnanensis
Dictyotidium zonale


(33 sub-taxa)


(2 sub-taxa)
Digitus fulvus
Digitus parvus


(9 sub-taxa)
Dilatisphaera complicata
Dilatisphaera dameryensis
Dilatisphaera laevigata
Dilatisphaera nanofurcata
Dilatisphaera sp. A
Dilatisphaera toyetae
Dilatisphaera tubula
Dilatisphaera tubulifera
Dilatisphaera williereae


(1 sub-taxa)
Dimastigobolus longifilum


(11 sub-taxa)


(1 sub-taxa)
Diplofusa gearlensis


(6 sub-taxa)
Diplomembrana bicrenata
Diplomembrana crenata
Diplomembrana oviformis
Diplomembrana producta
Diplomembrana scissa
Diplomembrana simplex


(1 sub-taxa)
Diplopterigium farinosum


(1 sub-taxa)
Diplotesta species


(4 sub-taxa)
Discina asperella
Discina colliculosa
Discina punctata
Discina scabrosa


(1 sub-taxa)
Discoidella hannae


(1 sub-taxa)
Disnella forcipata


(7 sub-taxa)
Disparifusa borea
Disparifusa crameri
Disparifusa horrida
Disparifusa hystricosa
Disparifusa perryi
Disparifusa psakadoria
Disparifusa quasibernesgae


(1 sub-taxa)
Disphaera macropyla


(1 sub-taxa)
Distichococcus minutus


(2 sub-taxa)
Distosphaera australica
Distosphaera speciosa


(3 sub-taxa)
Divietipellis robusta
Divietipellis tianguaense
Divietipellis ventricosa


(28 sub-taxa)


(1 sub-taxa)
Domasiella discophora


(2 sub-taxa)
Dominopolia lata
Dominopolia longispinosa


(82 sub-taxa)
Dorsennidium abditum
Dorsennidium ambiguum
Dorsennidium arcarium
Dorsennidium aster
Dorsennidium belgicum
Dorsennidium brevispinum
Dorsennidium bulbiferum
Dorsennidium cantabricum
Dorsennidium circumornatum
Dorsennidium collectum
Dorsennidium conispinosum
Dorsennidium cuspidatum
Dorsennidium cylindricum
Dorsennidium cymosum
Dorsennidium decollatum
Dorsennidium depilatum
Dorsennidium dualispinum
Dorsennidium eisenackii
Dorsennidium estrellitae
Dorsennidium europaeum
Dorsennidium flagellatum
Dorsennidium formosum
Dorsennidium gogginense
Dorsennidium hamii
Dorsennidium harlandii
Dorsennidium hebetatum
Dorsennidium hyalodermum
Dorsennidium igneum
Dorsennidium indicum
Dorsennidium inflatissimum
Dorsennidium inflatum
Dorsennidium irregulare
Dorsennidium irrevikense
Dorsennidium kufferathii
Dorsennidium longispiniferum
Dorsennidium mametii
Dorsennidium mamillatum
Dorsennidium maracum
Dorsennidium metum
Dorsennidium micropolygonale
Dorsennidium minor
Dorsennidium minutum
Dorsennidium multiangulare
Dorsennidium mutabile
Dorsennidium nervosum
Dorsennidium novum
Dorsennidium octospinosum
Dorsennidium oligospinoides
Dorsennidium parvum
Dorsennidium pastoris
Dorsennidium patulum
Dorsennidium pertonense
Dorsennidium polyaster
Dorsennidium polyedricum
Dorsennidium polygonale
Dorsennidium primarium
Dorsennidium punctatum
Dorsennidium pyramidale
Dorsennidium pyriforme
Dorsennidium quadratum
Dorsennidium quadricorne
Dorsennidium raczii
Dorsennidium radiosum
Dorsennidium rhombispinosum
Dorsennidium rhomboidium
Dorsennidium riburgense
Dorsennidium sedecimspinosum
Dorsennidium signum
Dorsennidium simplex
Dorsennidium singulare
Dorsennidium sortehatense
Dorsennidium splendens
Dorsennidium stelligerum
Dorsennidium sufflatum
Dorsennidium symmetricum
Dorsennidium tetraxis
Dorsennidium transitorium
Dorsennidium undosum
Dorsennidium variabile
Dorsennidium vesiculospinum
Dorsennidium xujiashanense
Dorsennidium yunnanense


(2 sub-taxa)
Doushantuonema peatii
Doushantuonema zhangii


(2 sub-taxa)
Downiea argentina
Downiea copoana


(1 sub-taxa)
Dumbellina deobanensis


(2 sub-taxa)
Dupliciradiatum crassum
Dupliciradiatum tenue


(1 sub-taxa)
Duplicisphaeridium spinigerum


(1 sub-taxa)
Duplisphaera luminosa


(21 sub-taxa)


(1 sub-taxa)
Dvinia fibrosa


(1 sub-taxa)
Dyctioporidium tenuiornatum

D has 71 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Dabani :: 2 Dictyo

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Acritax - Acritax_JWIP - D compiled by John Williams and Brian Pedder

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