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This catalog consists of scans of cards from the "John William Index of Palaeopalynology" compiled by John Williams between 1971 and 2010 - see also this page.
The cards inclued here are only those for the acritarchs, they are sorted alphabetically for simple browsing. You can also use search boxes at the top & bottom of the page to find specific taxa
There are PDF (higher quality) and jpeg (faster opening) copies of the cards, the content of them is identical

L has 85 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 Labrus :: 2 Leptot :: 3 Luscin

(1 sub-taxa)
Labruscasphaeridium intertextum


(4 sub-taxa)
Labyrinthosphaeridium asperum
Labyrinthosphaeridium curvatum
Labyrinthosphaeridium cymoides
Labyrinthosphaeridium restrictum


(2 sub-taxa)
Lacunalites shangsicus
Lacunalites sphaericus


(3 sub-taxa)
Lacunopsophosphaera gyrusoformis
Lacunopsophosphaera inconspicua
Lacunopsophosphaera simplex


(2 sub-taxa)
Lacunosphaeridium granosum
Lacunosphaeridium spinosum


(8 sub-taxa)
Ladogella aries
Ladogella filifera
Ladogella intermedia
Ladogella mamillosa
Ladogella rommelaerei
Ladogella rotundiformis
Ladogella saharica
Ladogella volkovae


(2 sub-taxa)
Lakhandinia dilatata
Lakhandinia prolata


(1 sub-taxa)
Lamentunella vaginata


(10 sub-taxa)
Laminarites antiquissimus
Laminarites effusus
Laminarites granulatus
Laminarites imparilis
Laminarites multicellularis
Laminarites polygonalis
Laminarites rugosus
Laminarites septiferous
Laminarites taeniatus
Laminarites venulosus


(1 sub-taxa)
Lancettopsis lanceolata


(1 sub-taxa)
Langanella scaberula


(1 sub-taxa)
Langania gigantus


(1 sub-taxa)
Lanveocia formosa


(2 sub-taxa)
Larvimorpha distorta
Larvimorpha mirusa


(2 sub-taxa)
Latisphaera majorium
Latisphaera wrightii


(13 sub-taxa)


(3 sub-taxa)
Lavradosphaera crista
Lavradosphaera lucifer
Lavradosphaera sp. 1


(1 sub-taxa)
Laxidium flexuosum


(12 sub-taxa)


(3 sub-taxa)
Lecithodinium accretum
Lecithodinium chondrosum
Lecithodinium ciliatum


(1 sub-taxa)
Leffingwellia costata


(10 sub-taxa)
Leioarachnitum apertum
Leioarachnitum appendiculatum
Leioarachnitum areolosa
Leioarachnitum bicrenatum
Leioarachnitum longplicatum
Leioarachnitum primistinum
Leioarachnitum simplex
Leioarachnitum sinica
Leioarachnitum sinitum
Leioarachnitum vittatum


(1 sub-taxa)
Leiodiscina cambriensis


(106 sub-taxa)
Leiofusa actinomorpha
Leiofusa acuminata
Leiofusa algerensis
Leiofusa ampulliformis
Leiofusa angulata
Leiofusa ansa
Leiofusa argentina
Leiofusa aspilis
Leiofusa asymmetrica
Leiofusa bacillum
Leiofusa banderilla
Leiofusa belata
Leiofusa bernesgae
Leiofusa bicornuta
Leiofusa bispinosoides
Leiofusa bisubulata
Leiofusa blanca
Leiofusa brasiliensis
Leiofusa brevispinosa
Leiofusa cantabrica
Leiofusa carinata
Leiofusa carpatica
Leiofusa communis
Leiofusa cooksoniae
Leiofusa crassa
Leiofusa crassiuscula
Leiofusa cucumis
Leiofusa cursa
Leiofusa cylindrica
Leiofusa deunfii
Leiofusa dicornuta
Leiofusa digitata
Leiofusa eisenackii
Leiofusa elenae
Leiofusa estrecha
Leiofusa exilata
Leiofusa faluca
Leiofusa fastidiona
Leiofusa filifera
Leiofusa flagellaris
Leiofusa fusiformis
Leiofusa globulina
Leiofusa gracilis
Leiofusa granolacutis
Leiofusa gravida
Leiofusa helenae
Leiofusa irroratipellis
Leiofusa iugosa
Leiofusa jurassica
Leiofusa kiryanovii
Leiofusa lidiae
Leiofusa litotes
Leiofusa lunula
Leiofusa minima
Leiofusa minuta
Leiofusa muelleri
Leiofusa multistriata
Leiofusa nautiyalii
Leiofusa navicula
Leiofusa naviculara
Leiofusa naviculata
Leiofusa navis
Leiofusa obliquipunctata
Leiofusa oblonga
Leiofusa oblongus
Leiofusa oborata
Leiofusa oliviformis
Leiofusa orbicularis
Leiofusa ovalis
Leiofusa parva
Leiofusa parvitatis
Leiofusa pittauae
Leiofusa pristina
Leiofusa procera
Leiofusa pumilia
Leiofusa punctalirella
Leiofusa punctata
Leiofusa pussila
Leiofusa pustulosa
Leiofusa pyrena
Leiofusa rhikne
Leiofusa rugosa
Leiofusa shialensis
Leiofusa simplex
Leiofusa sommeri
Leiofusa somniculata
Leiofusa sp. A Ravn and Benson 1988
Leiofusa sp. A Turner 1985
Leiofusa spicata
Leiofusa spinata
Leiofusa squama
Leiofusa stoumonense
Leiofusa straussfurtensis
Leiofusa striata
Leiofusa striatifera
Leiofusa stricta
Leiofusa subcircularis
Leiofusa tanaocysta
Leiofusa tenuis
Leiofusa tenuistriata
Leiofusa thomissa
Leiofusa trifurcata
Leiofusa tumida
Leiofusa turnauae
Leiofusa unispinosa
Leiofusa wenlockia


(1 sub-taxa)
Leiofusidium dubium


(8 sub-taxa)
Leioligotriletes bistrovii
Leioligotriletes cascus
Leioligotriletes compactus
Leioligotriletes crassum
Leioligotriletes glumaceus
Leioligotriletes minutissimus
Leioligotriletes nitidus
Leioligotriletes ochroleucus


(9 sub-taxa)
Leiomarginata corpuscula
Leiomarginata desma
Leiomarginata maxima
Leiomarginata miniscula
Leiomarginata minuta
Leiomarginata perforata
Leiomarginata prata
Leiomarginata rugosa
Leiomarginata simplex


(1 sub-taxa)
Leiomarginatasphaera punctulata


(17 sub-taxa)


(2 sub-taxa)
Leioplanktona madhensis
Leioplanktona verrucosa


(68 sub-taxa)
Leiopsophosphaera accreta
Leiopsophosphaera apertus
Leiopsophosphaera apiculata
Leiopsophosphaera araneosa
Leiopsophosphaera baltica
Leiopsophosphaera borealis
Leiopsophosphaera breviplicata
Leiopsophosphaera bullata
Leiopsophosphaera clara
Leiopsophosphaera conglutinata
Leiopsophosphaera convexiplicata
Leiopsophosphaera costellata
Leiopsophosphaera crassa
Leiopsophosphaera cristata
Leiopsophosphaera densa
Leiopsophosphaera diplosticha
Leiopsophosphaera duricoria
Leiopsophosphaera effusus
Leiopsophosphaera eisenacki
Leiopsophosphaera fastigatirugosa
Leiopsophosphaera faveolata
Leiopsophosphaera favosus
Leiopsophosphaera flava
Leiopsophosphaera flavida
Leiopsophosphaera fulvastrum
Leiopsophosphaera giberosum
Leiopsophosphaera gigantea
Leiopsophosphaera glumacea
Leiopsophosphaera hyalina
Leiopsophosphaera hyperboreica
Leiopsophosphaera incrassata
Leiopsophosphaera infriata
Leiopsophosphaera kirgisica
Leiopsophosphaera laccata
Leiopsophosphaera leguminiformis
Leiopsophosphaera longiplicata
Leiopsophosphaera microrugosa
Leiopsophosphaera minor
Leiopsophosphaera minuta
Leiopsophosphaera minutissima
Leiopsophosphaera multiplicata
Leiopsophosphaera nephroides
Leiopsophosphaera ochroleuca
Leiopsophosphaera oculata
Leiopsophosphaera ovalia
Leiopsophosphaera papyracea
Leiopsophosphaera partialis
Leiopsophosphaera parvula
Leiopsophosphaera pelucida
Leiopsophosphaera plicata
Leiopsophosphaera pseudozonalis
Leiopsophosphaera pulchra
Leiopsophosphaera pusilla
Leiopsophosphaera rarorugosa
Leiopsophosphaera rotunda
Leiopsophosphaera rugosa
Leiopsophosphaera sensa
Leiopsophosphaera simplex
Leiopsophosphaera simplicissima
Leiopsophosphaera solida
Leiopsophosphaera species
Leiopsophosphaera sugaitensis
Leiopsophosphaera tenera
Leiopsophosphaera tenuis
Leiopsophosphaera trileta
Leiopsophosphaera undulata
Leiopsophosphaera volynica
Leiopsophosphaera xingmincunensis


(2 sub-taxa)
Leiosphaera aggereloides
Leiosphaera species


(271 sub-taxa)
Leiosphaeridia accreta
Leiosphaeridia acerscabrella
Leiosphaeridia aglutinata
Leiosphaeridia altenuata
Leiosphaeridia angustata
Leiosphaeridia annulata
Leiosphaeridia anqiuensis
Leiosphaeridia aperta
Leiosphaeridia aptiana
Leiosphaeridia araneosa
Leiosphaeridia asapha
Leiosphaeridia asperata
Leiosphaeridia asymmetrica
Leiosphaeridia atava
Leiosphaeridia atratus
Leiosphaeridia aurata
Leiosphaeridia baltica
Leiosphaeridia basarginica
Leiosphaeridia belloyense
Leiosphaeridia belorussia
Leiosphaeridia bentorii
Leiosphaeridia bharadwajii
Leiosphaeridia bicrura
Leiosphaeridia bipylomifera
Leiosphaeridia bituminosa
Leiosphaeridia bokaroensis
Leiosphaeridia borealis
Leiosphaeridia brevifaldis
Leiosphaeridia breviplicata
Leiosphaeridia bulbiferus
Leiosphaeridia calyptriforma
Leiosphaeridia cambriense
Leiosphaeridia caperata
Leiosphaeridia caradocensis
Leiosphaeridia carinthiaca
Leiosphaeridia cerebriformis
Leiosphaeridia cerina
Leiosphaeridia changxingensis
Leiosphaeridia chytroeides
Leiosphaeridia cinera
Leiosphaeridia communis
Leiosphaeridia compacta
Leiosphaeridia complicata
Leiosphaeridia conglutinata
Leiosphaeridia convexiplicata
Leiosphaeridia coralata
Leiosphaeridia corpuscula
Leiosphaeridia corrugata
Leiosphaeridia crassa
Leiosphaeridia crescentica
Leiosphaeridia cryptogranulosa
Leiosphaeridia culta
Leiosphaeridia cycloptyca
Leiosphaeridia dakshinii
Leiosphaeridia deflandrei
Leiosphaeridia dehisca
Leiosphaeridia dellapei
Leiosphaeridia densa
Leiosphaeridia denticulata
Leiosphaeridia desma
Leiosphaeridia desmosa
Leiosphaeridia devonica
Leiosphaeridia dharwariana
Leiosphaeridia diaphania
Leiosphaeridia dichroa
Leiosphaeridia dictyota
Leiosphaeridia dieziae
Leiosphaeridia diplostichum
Leiosphaeridia disca
Leiosphaeridia discalis
Leiosphaeridia edenense
Leiosphaeridia effusa
Leiosphaeridia eifeliensis
Leiosphaeridia eisenackii
Leiosphaeridia eniseica
Leiosphaeridia epikoila
Leiosphaeridia euryptogranulosa
Leiosphaeridia exasperata
Leiosphaeridia exsculpta
Leiosphaeridia fastigatirugosa
Leiosphaeridia faveolata
Leiosphaeridia ferquensis
Leiosphaeridia figurata
Leiosphaeridia flava
Leiosphaeridia fragile
Leiosphaeridia frankii
Leiosphaeridia fumiana
Leiosphaeridia ghoshii
Leiosphaeridia gigantea
Leiosphaeridia globifera
Leiosphaeridia globosa
Leiosphaeridia grandiformis
Leiosphaeridia granulata
Leiosphaeridia granulatopyla
Leiosphaeridia granulosa
Leiosphaeridia gregalis
Leiosphaeridia gyperborea
Leiosphaeridia hokkaidoana
Leiosphaeridia holtedahlii
Leiosphaeridia hyalina
Leiosphaeridia hyperboreica
Leiosphaeridia ilchenkoi
Leiosphaeridia inconstans
Leiosphaeridia incrassata
Leiosphaeridia incrassatula
Leiosphaeridia indefinita
Leiosphaeridia indeterminata
Leiosphaeridia indica
Leiosphaeridia infriata
Leiosphaeridia insigna
Leiosphaeridia interplicata
Leiosphaeridia jacutica
Leiosphaeridia jiangnanensis
Leiosphaeridia kanshiensis
Leiosphaeridia keilaensis
Leiosphaeridia ketchenata
Leiosphaeridia kulgunica
Leiosphaeridia laccata
Leiosphaeridia laevigata
Leiosphaeridia laminarita
Leiosphaeridia leptotheca
Leiosphaeridia levia
Leiosphaeridia linebackii
Leiosphaeridia liui
Leiosphaeridia lophostriata
Leiosphaeridia lopukhinii
Leiosphaeridia macrostomata
Leiosphaeridia maculata
Leiosphaeridia magda
Leiosphaeridia magna
Leiosphaeridia maica
Leiosphaeridia maithyi
Leiosphaeridia major
Leiosphaeridia marcovensis
Leiosphaeridia maxima
Leiosphaeridia media
Leiosphaeridia megacystis
Leiosphaeridia menendezii
Leiosphaeridia microcystis
Leiosphaeridia microgranifera
Leiosphaeridia microgranulosa
Leiosphaeridia microminuta
Leiosphaeridia microreticulatus
Leiosphaeridia microrugosa
Leiosphaeridia microsaetosa
Leiosphaeridia milonii
Leiosphaeridia minima
Leiosphaeridia minor
Leiosphaeridia minuscula
Leiosphaeridia minuta
Leiosphaeridia minutaespinosa
Leiosphaeridia minutissima
Leiosphaeridia miroedichia
Leiosphaeridia montanae
Leiosphaeridia muitscha
Leiosphaeridia multiplicata
Leiosphaeridia nalderaensis
Leiosphaeridia nautiyalii
Leiosphaeridia nekryatae
Leiosphaeridia nelliae
Leiosphaeridia nervata
Leiosphaeridia nidusiforma
Leiosphaeridia nordia
Leiosphaeridia oblonga
Leiosphaeridia obsuleta
Leiosphaeridia ochroleuca
Leiosphaeridia oelandica
Leiosphaeridia operculia
Leiosphaeridia orbiculata
Leiosphaeridia orientalis
Leiosphaeridia ovata
Leiosphaeridia pachyderma
Leiosphaeridia paleacea
Leiosphaeridia panjinensis
Leiosphaeridia pannonica
Leiosphaeridia papillata
Leiosphaeridia particularis
Leiosphaeridia parva
Leiosphaeridia parvigranulosa
Leiosphaeridia parvula
Leiosphaeridia pellucentis
Leiosphaeridia pellucida
Leiosphaeridia pelucida
Leiosphaeridia perforata
Leiosphaeridia perthensis
Leiosphaeridia pestovii
Leiosphaeridia pilomifera
Leiosphaeridia plana
Leiosphaeridia plicata
Leiosphaeridia plicatilis
Leiosphaeridia plicatum
Leiosphaeridia porcellanitensis
Leiosphaeridia precambrica
Leiosphaeridia pristina
Leiosphaeridia problematica
Leiosphaeridia pruniformis
Leiosphaeridia pseudoreticulata
Leiosphaeridia pulchra
Leiosphaeridia punctata
Leiosphaeridia punctulosa
Leiosphaeridia pusilla
Leiosphaeridia pylomifera
Leiosphaeridia ralla
Leiosphaeridia raoii
Leiosphaeridia reticulata
Leiosphaeridia retigera
Leiosphaeridia rifeica
Leiosphaeridia riphiana
Leiosphaeridia robustus
Leiosphaeridia rockhallensis
Leiosphaeridia rosella
Leiosphaeridia rudis
Leiosphaeridia rugosa
Leiosphaeridia rugulata
Leiosphaeridia ruminata
Leiosphaeridia sarjeantii
Leiosphaeridia scandica
Leiosphaeridia scanica
Leiosphaeridia schidlovica
Leiosphaeridia schopfii
Leiosphaeridia scotia
Leiosphaeridia scrobiculata
Leiosphaeridia shepelevae
Leiosphaeridia shuklae
Leiosphaeridia similis
Leiosphaeridia simplex
Leiosphaeridia sinica
Leiosphaeridia solida
Leiosphaeridia sorediformis
Leiosphaeridia sphaerica
Leiosphaeridia spongiosa
Leiosphaeridia staplinii
Leiosphaeridia stellata
Leiosphaeridia subgranulata
Leiosphaeridia suketensis
Leiosphaeridia tabulosa
Leiosphaeridia takahashii
Leiosphaeridia talchirensis
Leiosphaeridia tangantensis
Leiosphaeridia taxodiformis
Leiosphaeridia telmatica
Leiosphaeridia tenella
Leiosphaeridia tenera
Leiosphaeridia tentativa
Leiosphaeridia tenua
Leiosphaeridia tenuis
Leiosphaeridia tenuissima
Leiosphaeridia ternata
Leiosphaeridia timanica
Leiosphaeridia timofeevi
Leiosphaeridia timofeevii
Leiosphaeridia trematophora
Leiosphaeridia trivialis
Leiosphaeridia trufera
Leiosphaeridia tubulosa
Leiosphaeridia typicus
Leiosphaeridia umariensis
Leiosphaeridia undulata
Leiosphaeridia variabilis
Leiosphaeridia verrucata
Leiosphaeridia vesljanica
Leiosphaeridia vindhyana
Leiosphaeridia visingsa
Leiosphaeridia viswanathiae
Leiosphaeridia voigtii
Leiosphaeridia volynica
Leiosphaeridia warsanofiewii
Leiosphaeridia wenlockia
Leiosphaeridia wimanii
Leiosphaeridia yinii
Leiosphaeridia zaipingii



(8 sub-taxa)
Leiothrichoides bacillaris
Leiothrichoides conglomeratus
Leiothrichoides gracilis
Leiothrichoides lineatum
Leiothrichoides membraniterus
Leiothrichoides rimatus
Leiothrichoides tenuitunicatus
Leiothrichoides typicus


(26 sub-taxa)


(2 sub-taxa)
Leiozonosphaeridium sphaerotriangulatus
Leiozonosphaeridium tetralobazonum


(3 sub-taxa)
Leoniella carminae
Leoniella uruguayensis
Leoniella vilis


(6 sub-taxa)
Leprotolypa aculeata
Leprotolypa aniae
Leprotolypa evexa
Leprotolypa gordonense
Leprotolypa maraca
Leprotolypa pustulosa


(8 sub-taxa)
Leptobrachion algarrobense
Leptobrachion arbusculiferum
Leptobrachion bringewoodia
Leptobrachion digitatum
Leptobrachion elongatum
Leptobrachion longhopense
Leptobrachion malvernia
Leptobrachion woolhopense

L has 85 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 Labrus :: 2 Leptot :: 3 Luscin

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Acritax - Acritax_JWIP - L compiled by John Williams and Brian Pedder

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