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This catalog consists of scans of cards from the "John William Index of Palaeopalynology" compiled by John Williams between 1971 and 2010 - see also this page.
The cards inclued here are only those for the acritarchs, they are sorted alphabetically for simple browsing. You can also use search boxes at the top & bottom of the page to find specific taxa
There are PDF (higher quality) and jpeg (faster opening) copies of the cards, the content of them is identical


(1 sub-taxa)
Vadaszia cavernosa


(7 sub-taxa)
Valeria chagrinata
Valeria elongata
Valeria granulata
Valeria lophostriata
Valeria sinica
Valeria tschapomica
Valeria verrucata


(1 sub-taxa)
Valkyria borealis


(1 sub-taxa)
Vallenia erlingi


(1 sub-taxa)
Valvaphysa amarginata


(6 sub-taxa)
Valvimorpha annulata
Valvimorpha multicornis
Valvimorpha semisphaerica
Valvimorpha tricornis
Valvimorpha unicornis
Valvimorpha voluticornis


(1 sub-taxa)
Vanavarataenia insolita


(4 sub-taxa)
Vandalosphaeridium koksuicum
Vandalosphaeridium reticulatum
Vandalosphaeridium varangeri
Vandalosphaeridium walcottii


(1 sub-taxa)
Vanguestainidium cucurbitulum


(1 sub-taxa)
Variaclada indefinita


(1 sub-taxa)
Variolidium omnium


(1 sub-taxa)
Variomargosphaeridium litoschum


(6 sub-taxa)
Vavososphaeridium atenuatum
Vavososphaeridium bharadwajii
Vavososphaeridium densum
Vavososphaeridium michailovskyi
Vavososphaeridium reticulatum
Vavososphaeridium vindhyanensis


(1 sub-taxa)
Vavrdovella areniga


(1 sub-taxa)
Veiominuscula minuta


(1 sub-taxa)
Velatasphaera hudsonii


(3 sub-taxa)
Veliferites jachalensis
Veliferites siluricus
Veliferites tenuimarginatus


(2 sub-taxa)
Vendotaenia antiqua
Vendotaenia gnilovskaja


(1 sub-taxa)
Ventilabrumorpha venata


(1 sub-taxa)
Vermiculatisphaera obscura


(4 sub-taxa)
Vermiculites anfractus
Vermiculites bothrydioformis
Vermiculites irregularis
Vermiculites tortuosus


(2 sub-taxa)
Verrucidium globulosum
Verrucidium staphylum


(7 sub-taxa)
Verrucosphaera lukoviensis
Verrucosphaera minuta
Verrucosphaera nucleata
Verrucosphaera rugiverrucosa
Verrucosphaera sectilinodosa
Verrucosphaera tuberculata
Verrucosphaera verrucosa


(275 sub-taxa)
Veryhachium Z nomen nudum
Veryhachium abditum
Veryhachium abortivum
Veryhachium aculeatum
Veryhachium admotum
Veryhachium aequilateralis
Veryhachium ambiguum
Veryhachium andamanicus
Veryhachium anochiensis
Veryhachium antiquum
Veryhachium aquila
Veryhachium arasanicum
Veryhachium arcarium
Veryhachium arcessitum
Veryhachium arctatum
Veryhachium asfalum
Veryhachium aster
Veryhachium asturiae
Veryhachium asymmetricum
Veryhachium asymmetrospinosum
Veryhachium augustum
Veryhachium bacifer
Veryhachium baksii
Veryhachium balticum
Veryhachium belgicum
Veryhachium bernardinae
Veryhachium bispiniferum
Veryhachium brevicorne
Veryhachium brevispinosum
Veryhachium brevispinum
Veryhachium brevitrispinum
Veryhachium bromidense
Veryhachium bulbiferum
Veryhachium burmanniae
Veryhachium calandrae
Veryhachium callicomum
Veryhachium camirense
Veryhachium cantabricum
Veryhachium carminae
Veryhachium cazurrum
Veryhachium celestum
Veryhachium centrabrachium
Veryhachium centrigerum
Veryhachium ceratoides
Veryhachium checkleyensis
Veryhachium circumornatum
Veryhachium clava
Veryhachium cleopatra
Veryhachium cochinum
Veryhachium colemanii
Veryhachium collectum
Veryhachium colonicum
Veryhachium comosum
Veryhachium concaviusculum
Veryhachium concavum
Veryhachium confectum
Veryhachium conispinosum
Veryhachium connexum
Veryhachium convexum
Veryhachium cordiforme
Veryhachium corpulentum
Veryhachium crassum
Veryhachium cruciatum
Veryhachium crucistellatum
Veryhachium cucruse
Veryhachium culcitellum
Veryhachium cuneidentatum
Veryhachium cylindricum
Veryhachium cymosum
Veryhachium daillyense
Veryhachium deflatissimum
Veryhachium delmeri
Veryhachium deunffii
Veryhachium disjunctum
Veryhachium distractum
Veryhachium domasioides
Veryhachium downiei
Veryhachium dualispinum
Veryhachium dumontii
Veryhachium duodeciaster
Veryhachium edenense
Veryhachium eisenacki
Veryhachium elenae
Veryhachium ellesmerense
Veryhachium elongatum
Veryhachium entrichos
Veryhachium estrellitae
Veryhachium europaeum
Veryhachium exasperatum
Veryhachium exile
Veryhachium fakirum
Veryhachium fictusistriatum
Veryhachium flagelliferum
Veryhachium florigerum
Veryhachium formosum
Veryhachium furcillatum
Veryhachium geometricum
Veryhachium gibbosum
Veryhachium globosum
Veryhachium granulosum
Veryhachium hamii
Veryhachium haumannii
Veryhachium hebetatum
Veryhachium helenae
Veryhachium hermesinoides
Veryhachium heterogonum
Veryhachium horridum
Veryhachium hyalodermum
Veryhachium improcerum
Veryhachium incultum
Veryhachium incus
Veryhachium indicus
Veryhachium inflatissimum
Veryhachium inflatum
Veryhachium ingens
Veryhachium intermissum
Veryhachium irregulare
Veryhachium irrevikense
Veryhachium irroratum
Veryhachium josefae
Veryhachium kowalae
Veryhachium kraeuselianum
Veryhachium kurschensis
Veryhachium laevatum
Veryhachium lairdii
Veryhachium le danoisi
Veryhachium legrandi
Veryhachium leintwardinensis
Veryhachium leonense
Veryhachium libratum
Veryhachium limaciforme
Veryhachium liujingense
Veryhachium longispinosum
Veryhachium longispinum
Veryhachium macroceras
Veryhachium magna
Veryhachium mametii
Veryhachium mamillatum
Veryhachium mareki
Veryhachium marginulatum
Veryhachium martinum
Veryhachium membranispinum
Veryhachium mensulum
Veryhachium metum
Veryhachium microgranuliferum
Veryhachium micropolygonale
Veryhachium microrugulatum
Veryhachium milonium
Veryhachium minor
Veryhachium minutum
Veryhachium monacanthum
Veryhachium morniensis
Veryhachium mucronatum
Veryhachium mutabile
Veryhachium nasicum
Veryhachium nitum
Veryhachium octoaster
Veryhachium oklahomense
Veryhachium oligospinoides
Veryhachium oligospinosum
Veryhachium ordinarium
Veryhachium owensii
Veryhachium pannuceum
Veryhachium parvum
Veryhachium pastoris
Veryhachium patulum
Veryhachium peculiaris
Veryhachium pentagonum
Veryhachium pertonensis
Veryhachium petropolitanum
Veryhachium pharaonis
Veryhachium piliferum
Veryhachium pirula
Veryhachium polyaster
Veryhachium polyedricum
Veryhachium polygonale
Veryhachium praebrevispinosum
Veryhachium praebrevitrispinum
Veryhachium primaevum
Veryhachium pseudopharaonis
Veryhachium pulvillum
Veryhachium punctatum
Veryhachium pyriforme
Veryhachium quadrangulum
Veryhachium quadratum
Veryhachium quadricorne
Veryhachium quietum
Veryhachium rabiosum
Veryhachium raczii
Veryhachium radiosum
Veryhachium ramificatum
Veryhachium recurvatum
Veryhachium reductum
Veryhachium remotum
Veryhachium reticornum
Veryhachium rhombispinosum
Veryhachium rhomboidium
Veryhachium rhompoides
Veryhachium riburgen
Veryhachium riburgense
Veryhachium robiosum
Veryhachium roscidum
Veryhachium rosendae
Veryhachium rugosum
Veryhachium rustica
Veryhachium saccatum
Veryhachium sandominguensis
Veryhachium sartbernardense
Veryhachium scabratum
Veryhachium schmidti
Veryhachium sedecimspinosum
Veryhachium serpentinatum
Veryhachium setosapelliculum
Veryhachium signum
Veryhachium singulare
Veryhachium slimaciforme
Veryhachium solidum
Veryhachium sortehatense
Veryhachium sp. A Turner 1985
Veryhachium spinosum
Veryhachium splendens
Veryhachium spp Levy & Harwood 2000
Veryhachium staurasteroides
Veryhachium stellatum
Veryhachium stelligerum
Veryhachium strangulatum
Veryhachium striatum
Veryhachium strictum
Veryhachium subglobosum
Veryhachium subtetrahedron
Veryhachium sufflatum
Veryhachium sukatschevi
Veryhachium symmetricum
Veryhachium tenuimacerium
Veryhachium tetraedron
Veryhachium tetragonum
Veryhachium tetrahedroide
Veryhachium tetraxis
Veryhachium thyrae
Veryhachium timofeevii
Veryhachium tolontolum
Veryhachium torrestionense
Veryhachium trapezionarion
Veryhachium triangulatum
Veryhachium triqueter
Veryhachium trisentium
Veryhachium trisphaeridium
Veryhachium trispiniflatum
Veryhachium trispinoramosum
Veryhachium trispinosoides
Veryhachium trispinosum
Veryhachium trisulcum
Veryhachium tyrae
Veryhachium tzutsii
Veryhachium umbonatum
Veryhachium unispinosum
Veryhachium urens
Veryhachium vaishnavii
Veryhachium vaitekunenei
Veryhachium valensii
Veryhachium valiente
Veryhachium vandenbergheni
Veryhachium vanmeeli
Veryhachium variabile
Veryhachium velatum
Veryhachium venetum
Veryhachium vesiculospinu
Veryhachium vesiculospinum
Veryhachium vetustum
Veryhachium vipereum
Veryhachium visbyense
Veryhachium wenlockianum
Veryhachium wenlockium
Veryhachium xijiashanense
Veryhachium yunnanense


(3 sub-taxa)
Vesicularites bothrydioformis
Vesicularites lobatus
Vesicularites nepica


(2 sub-taxa)
Vesiculosphaera singularis
Vesiculosphaera tetragonia


(6 sub-taxa)
Veteronostocale amoenum
Veteronostocale copiosus
Veteronostocale equale
Veteronostocale medium
Veteronostocale moniliforme
Veteronostocale vaginata


(1 sub-taxa)
Vidalia pulchra


(31 sub-taxa)


(1 sub-taxa)
Vindhyanella jonesii


(1 sub-taxa)
Vindhyania jonesii



(5 sub-taxa)
Virgatasporites baccatus
Virgatasporites fenestratus
Virgatasporites normalis
Virgatasporites rudii
Virgatasporites spp notes


(37 sub-taxa)


(18 sub-taxa)


(3 sub-taxa)
Volkovia conifera
Volkovia dentifera
Volkovia flagellata


(1 sub-taxa)
Vologdovia companula


(3 sub-taxa)
Volvatella vadosa
Volvatella yunnanensis
Volvatella zonalis


(1 sub-taxa)
Volvoximorphites gregarius


(10 sub-taxa)
Volyniella canilovica
Volyniella concentrica
Volyniella cylindrica
Volyniella glomerata
Volyniella ignalinica
Volyniella inviolata
Volyniella jampolica
Volyniella rara
Volyniella rudaminica
Volyniella valdaica


(31 sub-taxa)

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Acritax - Acritax_JWIP - V compiled by John Williams and Brian Pedder

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