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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Daktylethra Gartner 1969
= Daktylethra
Daktylethra basilica
Daktylethra probertii
Daktylethra punctulata
Daktylethra unitatis

Darwinilithus Watkins in Watkins & Bowdler 1984
= Darwinilithus
Darwinilithus pentarhethum

Deflandrius Bramlette & Martini 1964
= Prediscosphaera
Deflandrius avitus
Deflandrius cantabrigensis
Deflandrius catinus
Deflandrius columnatus
Deflandrius implumis
Deflandrius quadripunctatus
Deflandrius rhombicus
Deflandrius spinosus
Deflandrius stoveri

Dekapodorhabdus Medd 1979

Dekapodorhabdus typicus

Deutschlandia Lohmann 1912
= Syracosphaera
Deutschlandia anthos
Deutschlandia gaarderae

Diadelithus Aubry in Aubry & Bord 2009
= Ericsonia

Diademopetra Hay, Mohler & Wade 1966
= Corannulus
Diademopetra luma

Diadorhombus Worsley 1971
= Diadorhombus
Diadorhombus duodecostatus
Diadorhombus horrelli
Diadorhombus minutus
Diadorhombus octocostata
Diadorhombus rectus

Diadozygus Rood, Hay & Barnard 1971
= Stradnerlithus
Diadozygus asymmetricus
Diadozygus callomoni
Diadozygus dorsetense
Diadozygus escovillensis
Diadozygus langi
Diadozygus rotatus

Diantholitha Aubry in Aubry et al. 2011
= Diantholitha
Diantholitha alata
Diantholitha magnolia
Diantholitha mariposa
Diantholitha pilula
Diantholitha toquea

Diazomatolithus Noël 1965
= Diazomatolithus
Diazomatolithus galicianus
Diazomatolithus lehmani
Diazomatolithus subbeticus

Dictyococcites Black 1967
= Reticulofenestra
Dictyococcites albitectus
Dictyococcites antarcticus
Dictyococcites antillarum
Dictyococcites callidus
Dictyococcites chriskingii
Dictyococcites danicus
Dictyococcites onustus
Dictyococcites perplexa
Dictyococcites scrippsae

Dictyolithus Górka 1957
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
Dictyolithus elegans
Dictyolithus emendatus
Dictyolithus quadratus
Dictyolithus tenuis

Diductius Goy in Goy et al. 1979
= Diductius
Diductius constans
Diductius okaensis

Dilatatius Goy in Goy et al. 1979

Dilatatius unus

Diloma Wind & Cepek 1979
= Diloma
Diloma californica
Diloma galei
Diloma galiciense
Diloma placinum

Discoaster Tan Sin Hok 1931
= Discoaster
Discoaster abrachiatus
Discoaster acutus
Discoaster adamanteus
Discoaster aecus
Discoaster aegyptiacus aegyptiacus
Discoaster aegyptiacus duwiensis
Discoaster altus
Discoaster alyssae
Discoaster anartios
Discoaster anconitanus
Discoaster andamanensis
Discoaster apetalus
Discoaster araneus
Discoaster archipelagoensis
Discoaster argutus
Discoaster arneyi
Discoaster astellaris
Discoaster aster
Discoaster asteriscus
Discoaster asymmetricus
Discoaster athanasiui
Discoaster atlanticus
Discoaster aulakos
Discoaster backmanii
Discoaster barbadiensis
Discoaster bellus
Discoaster bergenii
Discoaster berggrenii
Discoaster berggrenii extensus
Discoaster bifax
Discoaster bifidus
Discoaster binodosus
Discoaster binodosus binodosus
Discoaster binodosus hirundinus
Discoaster blackstockae
Discoaster bolivariae
Discoaster bollii
Discoaster borroi
Discoaster boulangeri
Discoaster braarudii
Discoaster bramlettei
Discoaster breviloeblichii
Discoaster bronnimanni
Discoaster brouweri
Discoaster brouweri bipartitus
Discoaster brouweri picentinus
Discoaster brouweri recurvus
Discoaster brouweri rutellus
Discoaster calcaris
Discoaster calculosus
Discoaster capricornensis
Discoaster carneyi
Discoaster catillomicros
Discoaster catinatus
Discoaster caulifloris
Discoaster challengeri
Discoaster challengeri mediterraneus
Discoaster challengeri neilensis
Discoaster chambrayensis
Discoaster circularis
Discoaster circularis Furrazola
Discoaster clavatus
Discoaster compactus
Discoaster consutus
Discoaster contortus
Discoaster crassus
Discoaster cruciformis
Discoaster cubensis
Discoaster currens
Discoaster cuspidatus
Discoaster deflandrei
Discoaster deflandrei nodosus
Discoaster delicatus
Discoaster dennei
Discoaster diastypus
Discoaster dilatus
Discoaster discissus
Discoaster distinctus
Discoaster divaricatus
Discoaster diversus
Discoaster drieveri
Discoaster druggi
Discoaster durioi
Discoaster elegans
Discoaster emblematicus
Discoaster exilis
Discoaster exilis resolutioniae
Discoaster explicatus
Discoaster extensus
Discoaster falcatus
Discoaster floreus
Discoaster floridus
Discoaster formosus
Discoaster furcatus
Discoaster furus
Discoaster gamberi
Discoaster gemmeus
Discoaster gemmifer
Discoaster gemmulatus
Discoaster geometricus
Discoaster germanicus
Discoaster gillii
Discoaster gladiatus
Discoaster gozoensis
Discoaster graviterminatus
Discoaster hamatus
Discoaster hayi
Discoaster helianthus
Discoaster heptaradiatus
Discoaster hexapleuros
Discoaster hexaramus
Discoaster hilli
Discoaster hohnensis
Discoaster icarus
Discoaster incomptus
Discoaster indica
Discoaster intercalaris
Discoaster irregularis
Discoaster istanbulensis
Discoaster japonicus
Discoaster kuepperi
Discoaster kugleri
Discoaster lautus
Discoaster lenticularis
Discoaster leroyi
Discoaster levini
Discoaster lidzi
Discoaster limbatus
Discoaster lingfengensis
Discoaster lodoensis
Discoaster loeblichii
Discoaster lubinaensis
Discoaster mahmoudii
Discoaster martinii
Discoaster mediosus
Discoaster melitensis
Discoaster mendomobensis
Discoaster minimus
Discoaster minutus
Discoaster mirabilis
Discoaster mirus
Discoaster mohleri
Discoaster monstratus
Discoaster moorei
Discoaster mrazeci
Discoaster multinucleatus
Discoaster multiradiatus
Discoaster multiradiatus peduncolatus
Discoaster multiradiatus robustus
Discoaster munitus
Discoaster murrayi
Discoaster musicus
Discoaster neohamatus
Discoaster neorectus
Discoaster nephados
Discoaster newellii
Discoaster nivalis
Discoaster nobilis
Discoaster noelae
Discoaster nonaradiatus
Discoaster notoensis
Discoaster obscurus
Discoaster obtusus
Discoaster okadai
Discoaster olteniae
Discoaster ono
Discoaster pachyloeblichii
Discoaster pacificus
Discoaster paelikei
Discoaster pansulus
Discoaster patulus
Discoaster pentabollii
Discoaster pentaperforatus
Discoaster pentaradiatus
Discoaster pentaradiatus communis
Discoaster pentaradiatus flosculoides
Discoaster perclarus
Discoaster perforatus
Discoaster perplexus
Discoaster perpolitus
Discoaster petaliformis
Discoaster petaliformis coincidentalis
Discoaster phyllodus
Discoaster planctonicus
Discoaster plebeius
Discoaster pliostellulus
Discoaster praebifax
Discoaster premicros
Discoaster prepentaradiatus
Discoaster prepentaradiatus plautus
Discoaster prepentaradiatus prepentaradiatus
Discoaster prismatica
Discoaster prolixus
Discoaster protomultiradiatus
Discoaster pseudovariabilis
Discoaster pugnosa
Discoaster quadramus
Discoaster quadribollii
Discoaster quinarius discula
Discoaster quinqueramus
Discoaster quintatus
Discoaster raoi
Discoaster rhomboida
Discoaster robustus
Discoaster rotans
Discoaster rotundus
Discoaster rotundus elegans
Discoaster rufus
Discoaster rugosus
Discoaster sabbae
Discoaster saipanensis
Discoaster salisburgensis
Discoaster salisburgensis villosus
Discoaster salomonii
Discoaster sanmiguelensis
Discoaster saundersi
Discoaster shumnykii
Discoaster signus
Discoaster slatiorensis
Discoaster spinescens
Discoaster splendidus
Discoaster staurophorus
Discoaster stella
Discoaster stella decorus
Discoaster stella discula
Discoaster stellimicros
Discoaster stellulus
Discoaster stradneri
Discoaster stradneri Cati and Borsetti
Discoaster stradneri Martini
Discoaster strictus
Discoaster styzenii
Discoaster subbarbadiensis
Discoaster subdeflandrei
Discoaster sublodoensis
Discoaster subsurculus
Discoaster surculus
Discoaster surculus pullumpedes
Discoaster tamalis
Discoaster tani
Discoaster tani nodifer
Discoaster tani ornatus
Discoaster tarosus
Discoaster tetracladus
Discoaster tinguarensis
Discoaster tliouanetensis
Discoaster tokerae
Discoaster toralus
Discoaster tortoniensis
Discoaster transitus
Discoaster triangularis
Discoaster tribollii
Discoaster tribrachiatus
Discoaster tribrachiatus robustus
Discoaster tridenus
Discoaster trifolius
Discoaster trifurcatus
Discoaster trinidadensis
Discoaster trinus
Discoaster tristellifer
Discoaster triuncinus
Discoaster tuberi
Discoaster tumescens
Discoaster turkiensis
Discoaster ulnatus
Discoaster uncinatus
Discoaster variabilis
Discoaster variabilis decorus
Discoaster variabilis pacificus
Discoaster variabilis pansus
Discoaster variabilis sastrii
Discoaster vinsonii
Discoaster wemmelensis
Discoaster williamsii
Discoaster wisei
Discoaster woodringi
Discoaster zammitmaempeli
circularis Furrazola & Kreisel

Discoasteroides Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Discoaster
Discoasteroides bramlettei
Discoasteroides megastypus
Discoasteroides multiradiatus

Discolithina Loeblich & Tappan 1963
= Pontosphaera

Discolithus Kamptner 1948
= Pontosphaera
Discolithus achillea
Discolithus algeriensis
Discolithus alimaniensis
Discolithus anceps
Discolithus antillarum
Discolithus apocresis
Discolithus asper
Discolithus asteriferus
Discolithus auletis
Discolithus bernardi
Discolithus bicrescenticus
Discolithus bistriatus
Discolithus bochotnicae
Discolithus bugensis
Discolithus buskensis
Discolithus calcareus
Discolithus cancer
Discolithus chelifensis
Discolithus chrysanthemum
Discolithus circumcisus
Discolithus clotildensis
Discolithus cocconeis
Discolithus constans
Discolithus coronatus
Discolithus crassus
Discolithus cribrum
Discolithus cristallinus
Discolithus cristatus
Discolithus cruciatus
Discolithus crucifer
Discolithus crustulum
Discolithus crux
Discolithus cryptochondrus
Discolithus cumuliferus
Discolithus cuvillieri
Discolithus decussatus
Discolithus deformis
Discolithus dentatus
Discolithus dictyodus
Discolithus disgregatus
Discolithus dissimilis
Discolithus distinctoides
Discolithus distinctus
Discolithus duocavus
Discolithus duplus
Discolithus dupouyi
Discolithus ellipticus
Discolithus embergeri
Discolithus exilis
Discolithus fenestratus
Discolithus fenestratus Shamrai
Discolithus fessus
Discolithus fimbriatus
Discolithus firmus
Discolithus floris
Discolithus forenus
Discolithus furcatus
Discolithus geometricus
Discolithus giresus
Discolithus glabrus
Discolithus glaconi
Discolithus gourinardi
Discolithus hexaporus
Discolithus hillyi
Discolithus horus
Discolithus incohatus
Discolithus inconspicuus
Discolithus inconstans
Discolithus ingens
Discolithus initialis
Discolithus laffittei
Discolithus latus
Discolithus lineatus
Discolithus litterarius
Discolithus longiforaminis
Discolithus lucasi
Discolithus lucidus
Discolithus macroporus
Discolithus magnei
Discolithus maltanensis
Discolithus margaritiferus
Discolithus mediocris
Discolithus mielnicensis
Discolithus multicavus
Discolithus multiporus
Discolithus nativus
Discolithus neogenensis
Discolithus niteus
Discolithus noeli
Discolithus numerosus
Discolithus oamaruensis
Discolithus obliquipons
Discolithus ocellatus
Discolithus octocentralis
Discolithus octoradiatus
Discolithus oculus-electrae
Discolithus orionatus
Discolithus ornamentus
Discolithus orysa
Discolithus oviformis
Discolithus panarium
Discolithus parvidentatus
Discolithus patera
Discolithus pectinatus
Discolithus perforus
Discolithus phaseolus
Discolithus pictus
Discolithus pirenus
Discolithus planus
Discolithus polygonatus
Discolithus ponticulus
Discolithus propinquus
Discolithus pulcher
Discolithus pulcheroides
Discolithus pulchriporus
Discolithus pulvinus
Discolithus punctatus
Discolithus punctosus
Discolithus quadriarcullus
Discolithus quadrireticulatus
Discolithus raclus
Discolithus radiatus
Discolithus radolensis
Discolithus redogenus
Discolithus regularis
Discolithus reticulatus
Discolithus rhabdosphaericus
Discolithus ribosus
Discolithus rimosus
Discolithus rimosus Caratini
Discolithus rorsus
Discolithus rudis
Discolithus rugosus
Discolithus salillum
Discolithus segmentatus
Discolithus sigillatus
Discolithus simillimus
Discolithus solidus
Discolithus sparsiforatus
Discolithus spinosus
Discolithus spiralis
Discolithus squameus
Discolithus stabilis
Discolithus staurophorus
Discolithus stellatus
Discolithus surirella
Discolithus tanesus
Discolithus tectus
Discolithus theta
Discolithus trabalis
Discolithus trabeculatus
Discolithus transformis
Discolithus trenus
Discolithus trifurcatus
Discolithus upupae
Discolithus vagus
Discolithus vautrini
Discolithus venatus
Discolithus versus
Discolithus vescus
Discolithus vigintiforatus

Discolobatus Haq 1971

Discolobatus enigmatum

Discorhabdoides Lambert 1987
= Discorhabdoides
Discorhabdoides filiformis

Discorhabdus Noël 1965
= Discorhabdus

Discosphaera Haeckel 1894
= Discosphaera
Discosphaera crucifera
Discosphaera jerkovici
Discosphaera lohmanni
Discosphaera regalis
Discosphaera thomsoni
Discosphaera tubifer

Discoturbella Roth 1970
= Blackites
Discoturbella moori

Dodekapodorhabdus Perch-Nielsen 1968
= Dodekapodorhabdus
Dodekapodorhabdus noelii

Duocameratus Lees 2007
= Duocameratus
Duocameratus leariae
Duocameratus sianiae

Duplexipodorhabdus Varol & Girgis 1994

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