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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Helicopontosphaera bramlettei Müller 1970
= Helicosphaera bramlettei
Helicopontosphaera colombiana Gartner 1977
= Helicosphaera carteri
Helicopontosphaera dinesenii Perch-Nielsen 1971
= Helicosphaera reticulata
Helicopontosphaera granulata Bukry & Percival 1971
= Helicosphaera carteri
Helicopontosphaera heezenii Bukry 1971
= Helicosphaera reticulata
Helicopontosphaera inversa Gartner 1977
= Helicosphaera inversa
Helicopontosphaera kamptneri Hay & Mohler 1967
= Helicosphaera carteri
Helicopontosphaera minima Martini, in Martini & Moisescu 1974

Helicopontosphaera neogranulata Gartner 1977
= Helicosphaera carteri
Helicopontosphaera papillata Bukry & Bramlette 1969
= Helicosphaera papillata
Helicopontosphaera perch-nielsenasae Haq 1971
= Helicosphaera obliqua
Helicopontosphaera rhomba Bukry 1971
= Helicosphaera rhomba
Helicopontosphaera salebrosa Perch-Nielsen 1971
= Helicosphaera reticulata
Helicopontosphaera sellii Bukry & Bramlette 1969
= Helicosphaera sellii
Helicopontosphaera? subantarctica Edwards & Perch-Nielsen 1975
= Aliculosphaera subantarctica
Helicopontosphaera wilcoxonii Gartner 1971
= Helicosphaera wilcoxonii

Current identification/main database link: Helicosphaera Kamptner, 1954

Compiled data

Citation: Helicopontosphaera Hay & Mohler 1967
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Helicopontosphaera kamptneri Hay & Mohler, 1967
Language: EN
Farinacci catalog page (& compiler): 3172
Comments [RH]: jun syn of Helicosphaera
Current citation: Helicosphaera Kamptner, 1954


Hay, W. W. & Mohler, H. P. (1967). Calcareous nannoplankton from Early Tertiary rocks at Point Labau, France and Paleocene-Early Eocene correlations. Journal of Paleontology. 41(6): 1505-1541. gs


Helicopontosphaera: Catalog entry compiled by Anna Farinacci. Viewed: 14-6-2024

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