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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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P has 70 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Pocill
Palaeomicula Varol & Jakubowski 1989
= Palaeomicula
Palaeomicula jacovidesii

Palaeopontosphaera Noël 1965
= Biscutum
Palaeopontosphaera binodosa
Palaeopontosphaera crucifera
Palaeopontosphaera dorsetensis
Palaeopontosphaera dubia
Palaeopontosphaera erismata
Palaeopontosphaera giraudii
Palaeopontosphaera inconspicua
Palaeopontosphaera nova
Palaeopontosphaera repleta

Palamygdalithus Deflandre 1970
= crystals
Palamygdalithus noelae

Paleopontosphaera Noël 1965 emend. Lambert 1993

Paleopontosphaera veterna

Palusphaera Lecal 1965 emend. Norris 1984
= Palusphaera
Palusphaera vandeli

Pappomonas Manton & Oates 1975
= Pappomonas
Pappomonas flabellifera borealis
Pappomonas virgulosa
Pappomonas weddellensis

Papposphaera Tangen 1972
= Papposphaera
Papposphaera lepida
Papposphaera obpyramidalis
Papposphaera sagittifera
Papposphaera sarion
Papposphaera simplicissima
Papposphaera thomsenii

Paractinozygus Cooper 1987
= Stephanolithion
Paractinozygus gorodishchensis

Paralithella Lambert 1993
= Paralithella
Paralithella recta

Parhabdolithus Deflandre 1952
= Parhabdolithus

Paulpearsonia Lees 2010
= Paulpearsonia

Pearsonia Lees 2007
= Paulpearsonia
Pearsonia ecclesiata

Pedinocyclus Bukry & Bramlette 1971
= Pedinocyclus
Pedinocyclus annulus
Pedinocyclus gibbsiae

Pemma Klumpp 1953
= Pemma
Pemma acutum
Pemma angulatum
Pemma balium
Pemma bybelliae
Pemma papillatum
Pemma rakhinalum
Pemma rotundum
Pemma snavelyi
Pemma triquetra
Pemma uncinata

Pentaster Bybell & Gartner 1972
= Pentaster
Pentaster lisbonensis

Perchnielsenella Watkins, in Watkins & Bowdler 1984
= Perchnielsenella

Percivalia Bukry 1969
= Percivalia

Perforocalcinella Bona 1964
= Ascidian spicules
Perforocalcinella fusiformis
Perforocalcinella petali

Periphyllophora Kamptner 1936
= Syracosphaera

Perissocyclus Black 1971
= Perissocyclus
Perissocyclus fletcheri
Perissocyclus liesbergensis
Perissocyclus noelae
Perissocyclus tayloriae

Peritrachelina Deflandre 1952
= Peritrachelina
Peritrachelina hamata
Peritrachelina joidesa
Peritrachelina leviarcuata
Peritrachelina levis
Peritrachelina ornata

Pervilithus Crux 1981
= Lapideacassis
Pervilithus varius

Petalosphaera Lohmann 1903
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
Petalosphaera grani

Petasus Perch-Nielsen 1971
= Petasus

Petrarhabdus Wind & Wise 1983
= Petrarhabdus
Petrarhabdus kirenii
Petrarhabdus vietus

Petrobrasiella Troelsen & Quadros 1971
= Petrobrasiella
Petrobrasiella bownii
Petrobrasiella venata

Phanulithus Wind & Wise 1976

Phanulithus additus
Phanulithus anfractus

Pharus Wind & Wise 1976
= Pharus
Pharus clarescopoli
Pharus evanescens
Pharus simulacrum

Phosterolithus Aguado in Aguado et al. 2014
= Phosterolithus

Picarola Cros & Estrada 2004
= Picarola
Picarola margalefii

Pickelhaube Applegate, Covington & Wise, in Covington & Wise 1987
= Pickelhaube
Pickelhaube umbellatum

Pileolosphaera Meier, Kinkel & Young 2014
= Pileolosphaera
Pileolosphaera longistirpes

Pistillum Hoffmann 1970

Pistillum oculiformatum

Placolithites Haq 1971

Placolithites magnus

Placorhombus Young & Geisen in Young et al. 2003
= Placorhombus
Placorhombus ziveriae

Placozygus Hoffmann 1970
= Placozygus
Placozygus banneri
Placozygus latidecussatus

Planolithus Coric, in Coric et al. 2023

Planolithus eggeri
Planolithus mihajlovicii

Pletolithus Cappelli et al. (2019)

Pletolithus giganteus

Pleurochrysidaceae Fresnel & Billard 1991

Pleurochrysis Pringsheim, 1955
= Chrysotila
Pleurochrysis carterae dentata
Pleurochrysis placolithoides
Pleurochrysis pseudoroscoffensis
Pleurochrysis scherffelii

P has 70 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Pocill

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