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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Rhabdosphaera ampullacea Lecal-Schlauder 1951
= Syracosphaera anthos HOL
Rhabdosphaera brevispina Schiller 1914
= Scrippsiella acuminata
Rhabdosphaera claviger Murray & Blackman 1898
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera
Rhabdosphaera echinata Gaarder 1954
= Scrippsiella acuminata
Rhabdosphaera elliptica Vekshina 1959
= Eiffellithus turriseiffelii
Rhabdosphaera gladius Locker 1967
= Blackites gladius
Rhabdosphaera herculea Stradner 1969
= Blackites herculesii
Rhabdosphaera hirsuta Deflandre 1952

Rhabdosphaera inflata Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Blackites inflatus
Rhabdosphaera longistylis Schiller 1925
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
Rhabdosphaera? multistylis Schiller 1925

Rhabdosphaera murrayi Ostenfeld 1899
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera
Rhabdosphaera nigra Schiller 1926
= Scrippsiella acuminata
Rhabdosphaera otwayensis Rade 1977
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera
Rhabdosphaera paxillifera Gaarder 1954
= Scrippsiella acuminata
Rhabdosphaera piriformis Khan, Pavlovec & Pavsic 1975
= Blackites piriformis
Rhabdosphaera prijedorensis Jerkovic 1971
= Discosphaera tubifera
Rhabdosphaera procera Martini 1969
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera
Rhabdosphaera pseudomorionum Locker 1967
= Blackites pseudomorionum
Rhabdosphaera? rudis Bramlette & Sullivan 1961

Rhabdosphaera ruginiensis Kamptner 1936
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
Rhabdosphaera? semiformis Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Zygrhablithus bijugatus
Rhabdosphaera siliqua Lecal-Schlauder 1951
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
Rhabdosphaera spinosa Gaarder 1954
= Scrippsiella acuminata
Rhabdosphaera spinula Levin 1965

Rhabdosphaera stylifer Lohmann 1902
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera var. stylifera
Rhabdosphaera stylifer Lohmann 1902 capitellifera Kamptner 1937
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera var. stylifera
Rhabdosphaera subopaca Bernard 1939

Rhabdosphaera tarsina Kamptner 1967

Rhabdosphaera tenuis Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Blackites tenuis
Rhabdosphaera tenuistylis Gaarder 1954
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
Rhabdosphaera tignifer Schiller 1913
= Rhabdosphaera clavigera
Rhabdosphaera truncata Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Blackites truncatus
Rhabdosphaera tubifer Murray & Blackman 1898
= Discosphaera tubifera
Rhabdosphaera tubulosa Schiller 1925
= Scrippsiella acuminata
Rhabdosphaera vatricosa Cohen 1965

Current identification/main database link: Rhabdosphaera Haeckel, 1894

Compiled data

Citation: Rhabdosphaera Haeckel 1894
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Not given. Rhabdosphaera claviger Murray & Blackman, 1898 subs. des. by Hay & Towe, 1962
Language: DE
Farinacci catalog page (& compiler): 5173
Current citation: Rhabdosphaera Haeckel, 1894

Editors' Notes
The name Rhabdosphaera Haeckel 1894 was arguably a junior synonym of Rhabdolithes Schmidt (1870). To aovid this problem the name Rhabdosphaera has been conserved and the name Rhabdolithes has been rejected under both the zoological and botanical codes of nomenclature - Loeblich & Tappan (1963), Braarud et al. (1964),  Doweld (2012), Herendeen 2017, Wilson 2017.


Braarud, T. et al. (1964). Rhabdosphaera Haeckel, 1894 (Coccolithophorida): Proposed validation under the plenary powers and designation of a lectotype for Coccolithus oceanicus Schwarz, 1894 . Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature. 21: 397-400. gs

Doweld, A. B. (2012). Proposal to conserve the name Rhabdosphaera against Rhabdolithes (Algae: Prymnesiophyta). Taxon. 61(5 (2084)): 1118-1118. gs

Haeckel, E. (1894). Systematische Phylogenie der Protisten und Pflanzen. Reimer, Berlin. -. gs

Herendeen, P. S. (2017). Report of the Nomenclature Committee on Fossils. Taxon. 66(1): 193-196. gs

Loeblich, A. R. & Tappan, H. (1963). Type fixation and validation of certain calcareous nannoplankton genera. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 76: 191-198. gs

Wilson, K. L. (2017). Report of the General Committee: 17. Taxon. 66(2): 478-480. gs


Rhabdosphaera: Catalog entry compiled by Anna Farinacci. Viewed: 2-3-2024

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