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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Saepiovirgata Varol 1991
= Saepiovirgata
Saepiovirgata biferula

Saeptella Goy in Goy et al. 1979
= Vacherauvillius
Saeptella conspicua
Saeptella vicina

Salisia Varol 2004
= Pseudoemiliania
Salisia gartneri
Salisia kamptneri

Scampanella Forchheimer & Stradner 1973
= Lapideacassis
Scampanella asymmetrica
Scampanella bispinosa
Scampanella cornuta
Scampanella magnifica
Scampanella wisei

Scapholithus Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert 1954
= Calciosolenia
Scapholithus apertus
Scapholithus cohenius
Scapholithus crassus
Scapholithus dubius
Scapholithus fossilis
Scapholithus ganoretus
Scapholithus latifolius
Scapholithus malenus
Scapholithus rhombiformis
Scapholithus stegnus

Schizosphaerella Deflandre & Dangeard 1938
= Schizosphaerella
Schizosphaerella astraea
Schizosphaerella oblongata
Schizosphaerella punctulata

Scyphosphaera Lohmann 1902
= Scyphosphaera

Semihololithus Perch-Nielsen 1971
= Semihololithus
Semihololithus bicornis
Semihololithus biskayae
Semihololithus dens
Semihololithus dimidius
Semihololithus kanungoi
Semihololithus kerabyi
Semihololithus priscus
Semihololithus pseudobiskayae
Semihololithus tentorium

Senelia Varol 2023

Senelia perifanos
Senelia plevrotos

Senilatus Self-Trail 1999
= Senilatus

Septalites Shamrai 1963

Septalites angustiseptis
Septalites conoides
Septalites flexuosus
Septalites tetrapyrenus

Seribiscutum Filewicz, Wind & Wise , in Wise & Wind 1977
= Seribiscutum
Seribiscutum bijugum
Seribiscutum dentatum
Seribiscutum gaultensis

Sikoraea Varol & Bowman 2019
= Sikoraea
Sikoraea steinhaueri

Similicoronilithus Bukry 1969
= Cyclagelosphaera
Similicoronilithus primus

Similiscutum de Kaenel & Bergen 1993
= Similiscutum
Similiscutum avitum
Similiscutum cruciulus
Similiscutum gephyrion
Similiscutum orbiculus
Similiscutum precarium

Singanoa Lees 2007
= Singanoa
Singanoa scapus

Solidpons Theodoridis 1984
= Solidopons
Solidopons petrae

Solisphaera Bollmann et al. 2006
= Solisphaera
Solisphaera blagnacensis
Solisphaera emidasia
Solisphaera galbula
Solisphaera helianthiformis
Solisphaera palmula
Solisphaera tegula
Solisphaera turbinella

Sollasites Black 1967
= Sollasites
Sollasites arcuatus
Sollasites barringtonensis
Sollasites bipolaris
Sollasites concentricus
Sollasites falklandensis
Sollasites pristinus
Sollasites tardus
Sollasites thiersteini

Speetonia Black 1971
= Speetonia
Speetonia colligata
Speetonia nitida

Sphaerocalyptra Deflandre 1952
= Sphaerocalyptra
Sphaerocalyptra adenensis
Sphaerocalyptra bannockii
Sphaerocalyptra dermitzakii
Sphaerocalyptra marsilii
Sphaerocalyptra youngii

Sphenaster Wilcoxon, 1970
= Sphenolithus
Sphenaster metula

Sphenolithus Deflandre 1952
= Sphenolithus
Sphenolithus abies
Sphenolithus acervus
Sphenolithus akropodus
Sphenolithus anarrhopus
Sphenolithus apoxis
Sphenolithus arthurii
Sphenolithus aubryae
Sphenolithus avis
Sphenolithus belemnos
Sphenolithus bergenii
Sphenolithus bipedis
Sphenolithus bulbulus
Sphenolithus calyculus
Sphenolithus capricornutus
Sphenolithus celsus
Sphenolithus ciperoensis
Sphenolithus cometa
Sphenolithus compactus
Sphenolithus conicus
Sphenolithus conspicuus
Sphenolithus cuniculus
Sphenolithus delphix
Sphenolithus directus
Sphenolithus disbelemnos
Sphenolithus dissimilis
Sphenolithus editus
Sphenolithus elongatus
Sphenolithus elongatus Martini
Sphenolithus furcatolithoides
Sphenolithus furcatolithoides labradorensis
Sphenolithus grandis
Sphenolithus heteromorphus
Sphenolithus intercalaris
Sphenolithus kempii
Sphenolithus macroacanthos
Sphenolithus microdelphix
Sphenolithus milanetti
Sphenolithus multispinatus
Sphenolithus neoabies
Sphenolithus obtusus
Sphenolithus orphanknolli
Sphenolithus pacificus
Sphenolithus paratintinnabulum
Sphenolithus patifunditus
Sphenolithus peartiae
Sphenolithus perpendicularis
Sphenolithus pospichalii
Sphenolithus preasii
Sphenolithus predistentus
Sphenolithus primus
Sphenolithus procerus
Sphenolithus pseudodistentus
Sphenolithus pseudoheteromorphus
Sphenolithus pseudoradians
Sphenolithus puniceus
Sphenolithus quadricornutus
Sphenolithus quadrispinatus
Sphenolithus radians
Sphenolithus recolletensis
Sphenolithus richteri
Sphenolithus rioi
Sphenolithus runus
Sphenolithus shamrockiae
Sphenolithus spiniger
Sphenolithus spinula
Sphenolithus stellatus
Sphenolithus strigosus
Sphenolithus tawfikii
Sphenolithus tintinnabulum
Sphenolithus triangularis
Sphenolithus tribulosus
Sphenolithus truaxii
Sphenolithus verensis
Sphenolithus villae

Sphenoradiatus Worsley 1971

Sphenoradiatus pentagonus
Sphenoradiatus serratus

Squamula Lyuleva (1967)

Squamula festiva

Staurolithites Caratini 1963
= Staurolithites

Stauronertha Aubry & Bord 2009
= Cruciplacolithus

Staurorhabdus Noël 1972
= Staurolithites
Staurorhabdus atavus
Staurorhabdus magnus
Staurorhabdus prinsi
Staurorhabdus socius

Stephanolithion Deflandre 1939
= Stephanolithion

Stereorhabdus Lambert 1987
= Stereorhabdus
Stereorhabdus pentaculum

Stoverius Perch-Nielsen 1986
= Stoverius
Stoverius coangustatus

Stradneria Reinhardt 1964
= Cretarhabdus
Stradneria limbicrassa

Stradnerius Haq 1968
= Reticulofenestra
Stradnerius daviesi

Stradnerlithus Black 1971
= Stradnerlithus

Striatococcolithus Bukry 1971
= Calcidiscus
Striatococcolithus pacificanus

Striatococcus Prins (1969)

Striatococcus grandiculus
Striatococcus nebulosus

Striatomarginis Prins 1969 ex Rood et al. 1973

Striatomarginis primitivus

Sujkowskiella Hay, Mohler & Wade 1966
= Zygrhablithus
Sujkowskiella enigmatica

Sullivania Varol 1992
= C. consuetus group

Syracolithus (Kamptner 1941) Deflandre in Grassé, 1952
= SY mediterranea group
Syracolithus antarcticus
Syracolithus bicorium
Syracolithus confusus
Syracolithus globula
Syracolithus orientalis
Syracolithus ossa
Syracolithus verruca israela

Syracorhabdus Lecal & Bernheim 1960
= Syracosphaera
Syracorhabdus fertii
Syracorhabdus lactaria
Syracorhabdus molischii var. B
Syracorhabdus ossa
Syracorhabdus revisera

Syracosphaera Lohmann 1902
= Syracosphaera
Syracosphaera adriatica
Syracosphaera ampliora
Syracosphaera andruleitii
Syracosphaera antiqua
Syracosphaera atlantica
Syracosphaera azureaplaneta
Syracosphaera beogradiensis
Syracosphaera bifenestrata
Syracosphaera bisecta
Syracosphaera borealis
Syracosphaera brandti
Syracosphaera carterae
Syracosphaera castellata
Syracosphaera catillifera
Syracosphaera clathrata
Syracosphaera clava
Syracosphaera clypeata
Syracosphaera cohenii
Syracosphaera confusa
Syracosphaera cordiformis
Syracosphaera corii
Syracosphaera cornifera
Syracosphaera cornus
Syracosphaera coronata
Syracosphaera coronifera
Syracosphaera corrugis
Syracosphaera croatica
Syracosphaera crustula
Syracosphaera cupulifera
Syracosphaera dalmatica
Syracosphaera decussata
Syracosphaera delicata
Syracosphaera dentata
Syracosphaera didyma
Syracosphaera elatensis
Syracosphaera elongata
Syracosphaera epigrosa
Syracosphaera exigua
Syracosphaera florida
Syracosphaera formosa
Syracosphaera fragilis
Syracosphaera grundi
Syracosphaera hastata
Syracosphaera hirsuta
Syracosphaera histrica
Syracosphaera horvati
Syracosphaera labrosa
Syracosphaera lamina
Syracosphaera lamina de Kaenel and Villa
Syracosphaera leptolepis
Syracosphaera lohmanni
Syracosphaera lunaria
Syracosphaera marginaporata
Syracosphaera maxima
Syracosphaera mediterranea
Syracosphaera mediterranea binodata
Syracosphaera molischi
Syracosphaera monechiae
Syracosphaera nana
Syracosphaera nodosa
Syracosphaera noroiticus
Syracosphaera octiforma
Syracosphaera oculata
Syracosphaera oneillii
Syracosphaera operculata
Syracosphaera orbiculus
Syracosphaera ovata
Syracosphaera pastillusa
Syracosphaera pemmadiscus
Syracosphaera pila
Syracosphaera pirus
Syracosphaera profunda
Syracosphaera protrudens
Syracosphaera pseudoexangularis
Syracosphaera pulchra
Syracosphaera pulchroides
Syracosphaera quadricornu
Syracosphaera quadriperforata
Syracosphaera radiata
Syracosphaera raffiae
Syracosphaera reniformis
Syracosphaera repagula
Syracosphaera rhombica
Syracosphaera robusta
Syracosphaera roscoffensis
Syracosphaera rotula
Syracosphaera schilleri
Syracosphaera scutata
Syracosphaera serrata
Syracosphaera spinosa
Syracosphaera squamosa
Syracosphaera tanzanensis
Syracosphaera tenuis
Syracosphaera tuberculata
Syracosphaera tumularis
Syracosphaera uninodata
Syracosphaera wechesensis

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