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Markalius walvisensis

Classification: ntax_cenozoic -> Mesozoic Survivors -> Markalius -> Markalius walvisensis
Sister taxa: M. apertus, M. inversus, M. latus, M. walvisensis, M. sp.


Citation: Markalius walvisensis Bernaola and Monechi, 2007
Rank: Species
Taxonomic discussion: A variant of Markalius inversus - and note that the holotype of M. astroporus has a very narrow central area and so is arguably a senior synonym of M. walvisensis.

Distinguishing features:
Parent taxon (Markalius): Circular placoliths with moderately birefringent shields, bright inner tube cycle and narrow or closed central areas.
This taxon: Markalius with very narrow tube cycle and closed central area.

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: M. walvisensis *

Search data:
LITHS: placolith, circular, CA: closed,
CSPH: equant, monomorphic, CROSS-POLARS: rim-bicyclic, V-prominent, R-prominent,
Lith size: 6->7┬Ám;
Data source notes: lith size from OD
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within NP2 zone (64.81-65.47Ma, top in Danian stage). Data source: (Bernaola and Monechi, 2007)
First occurrence (base): within NP1 zone (65.47-66.04Ma, base in Danian stage). Data source: (Bernaola and Monechi, 2007)

Plot of occurrence data:


Bernaola, G. & Monechi, S. (2007). Calcareous nannofossil extinction and survivorship across the Cretaceous_Paleogene boundary at Walvis Ridge (ODP Hole 1262C, South Atlantic Ocean). Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology. 255: 132-156. gs


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