Eiffellithus monechiae

Classification: ntax_mesozoic -> Eiffellithales -> Eiffellithaceae -> Eiffellithus -> Eiffellithus monechiae
Sister taxa: E. eximius, E. lindiensis ⟩⟨ E. gorkae, E. keio, E. parallelus, E. pospichalii, E. turriseiffelii ⟩⟨ E. collis, E. equibiramus, E. parvus ⟩⟨ E. monechiae, E. praestigium, E. vonsalisiae, E. hancockii, E. paragogus ⟩⟨ E. primus, E. striatus, E. windii, E. sp.

Distinguishing features: Medium sized Eiffellithus with cross bars aligned within 20° of the major axes (within 10° according to Watkins & Bergen 2003).


Citation: Eiffellithus monechiae Crux, 1991
Rank: Species
Taxonomic discussion: Hill & Bralower (1987) showed that E. eximius as understood at the time (i.e Eiffelithus specimens with sub-axial crossbars) consisted of two separate forms with a gap between their ranges - a late Albian - Early Cenomanian form and a Turonian to Campanian form. These are now known respectively as E. monechiae and E. eximius.

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: E. monechiae + *

Distinguishing features: Medium sized Eiffellithus with cross bars aligned within 20° of the major axes (within 10° according to Watkins & Bergen 2003).

Morphology: The original diagnosis states that the cross bars should be aligned within 20° of the major axes. Watkins and Bergen (2003) emended this diagnosis stating that the species has an asymmetrical diagonal cross subparallel to the ellipse axes, with rotation of not greater than 10°. They described two additional species, Eiffellithus praestigium, with asymmetric bars rotated by 10-20°, and Eiffellithus vonsalisiae rotated by 20-35°.

Search data:
TagsLITHS: murolith, elliptical, CA: cross-axial, ca_disjunct, plate, process, diagonal cross, CROSS-POLARS: rim-bicyclic, V-prominent, R-prominent,
MetricsLith size: 6->8µm;
Data source notes: Watkins & Bergen 2003
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Early Cenomanian Substage (96.24-100.50Ma, top in Cenomanian stage). Data source: Bown et al. 1998
First occurrence (base): at base of BC26 zone (0% up, 104.1Ma, in Albian stage). Data source: Bown et al. 1998 - zonal marker

Plot of occurrence data:


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