Nannotax3 - ntax_non_cocco - Chrysochromulina scutellum Nannotax3 - ntax_non_cocco - Chrysochromulina scutellum

Chrysochromulina scutellum

Classification: ntax_non_cocco -> Haptophytes -> Prymnesiales -> Chrysochromulinaceae -> Chrysochromulina -> definite Chrysochromulina -> Chrysochromulina scutellum
Sister taxa: C. acantha, C. andersonii, C. camella, C. campanulifera, C. cymbium, C. leadbeateri, C. parva, C. rotalis, C. scutellum, C. simplex, C. strobilus, C. throndsenii


Citation: Chrysochromulina scutellum Eikrem and Moestrup 1998
Rank: Species
Basionym: Chrysochromulina scutellum Eikrem and Moestrup 1998

Catalog entries: Chrysochromulina scutellum

Original description: Cells slightly saddle-shaped, 4-9 µm long, 4-8 µm wide, and 4-5 µm deep. Appendages inserted on the concave side of the cell, the flagella equal and homodynamic, 12-20 µm long, the coiling haptonema 1 3-80 µm long, typically two to three times the length of the flagella. Three scale types present on the cell, two bearing a central spine supported by four struts, the third type spineless, the spined scales constituting the outer layer. Scales sometimes slightly elongated and one scale face of the spined scales showing a radiating pattern, the other a concentric fibrillar pattern. One of the spined scale types, measuring 0.25-0.35 X 0.25-0.35 µm, bearing an up­ right rim, the spine usually shorter than or equal to the radius of the scale. The other spined type very similar, measuring 0.30-0.45 X 0.30-0.45 µm but possessing a flat, narrow, thickened rim, the spine usually a little longer than the radius of the scale. Scales of the inner scale layer larger than the spine scales, flat and slightly elongated, measuring 0.5-0.6 X 0.6-0.7 µm, the distal scale facing a radiating pattern, the ribs proceeding from the rim and extending two-thirds of the dis­ tance to the center of the scale, the central area patternless proximal scale face with a central fibrillar pattern and an in­ flexed, broad rim.

Type images:


Cell saddle shaped; Flagella equal, haptonema much longer; Scales plate-like & 2 types of spine-bearing with radial ribs on proximal face, concentric fibrils on distal face; Pyrenoids immersed, traversed by thylakoids (Edvardsen et al. 2011)

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant. Data source:
First occurrence (base): within No known fossil record modern (0.00-0.00Ma, base in "Holocene" stage). Data source:


Eikrem, W. & Moestrup, Ø. (1998). Structural analysis of the flagellar apparatus and the scaly periplast in Chrysochromulina scutellum sp. nov. (Prymnesiophyceae, Haptophyta) from the Skagerrak and the Baltic. Phycologia. 37: 132-153. gs


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