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Classification: ntax_non_cocco -> Haptophytes -> Prymnesiales -> Genera incertae sedis -> Navisolenia
Sister taxa: Braarudosphaera, Chrysocampanula, Chrysoculter, Navisolenia

Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)
Navisolenia aprilei


Citation: Navisolenia Lecal 1965
taxonomic rank: Genus
Taxonomic discussion: This genus does not calcify, or only weakly caclifies, but it is very similar to Calciosolenia in cell form and shape of the periplasts and has been interpreted as a non-calcifying relative of it - e.g. by Jordan & Green (1994) and Jordan et al. 2004. Young et al. (2003) argued that it was more likely to be a non-calcifying homoeomorph, however, a third possibility is that it is not actually a distinct taxon but simply represents decalcified Calciosolenia specimens.
The genus Chrysoculter is arguably a junior synonym.

Catalog entries: Navisolenia *

Original description: Ce genre est défini par une coque régulièrement allongée en navette, dont les extrémités très étirées sont le résultat d'une diminution des scapholithes en taille et en nombre. Les scapholithes au moment de leur formation ont un fond inorganisé, tandis qu'avec la maturité cellulaire le fond s'organise en une structure définie du type « scalae ».

Translation (JRY - 2019)
This genus is characterised by a shell that is reguarly elongated in a shuttle-shape, the extremities of which are very extended as a result of a diminution of the scapholiths in size and number. The scapholiths at the moment of their formation have a unorganised base, whilst with maturity of the cell the base becomes organised into a definite structure of the ladder type. [NB scalae is the plural of the latin word scala - ladder]

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant. Data source: Total of ranges of the species in this database
First occurrence (base): within No known fossil record modern (0.00-0.00Ma, base in "Holocene" stage). Data source: Total of ranges of species in this database


Lecal, J. (1965). Navisolenia n. g. aprili n. sp. Bulletin de la Société d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse. 100: 422-426. gs


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