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Acrosphaera spinosa

Classification: rads_cenozoic -> Collosphaeridae -> Acrosphaera -> Acrosphaera spinosa
Sister taxa: A. arktios, A. australis, A. collina, A. cyrtodon, A. flammabunda, A. labrata, A. lappacea, A. mercurius, A. murrayana, A. pseudarktios, A. setosa, A. spinosa, A. transformata, A. trepanata, A. sp.
Sub-taxa & variants (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)
Acrosphaera spinosa echinoides

neptune records: 139
Acrosphaera spinosa fasciculopora

neptune records:
Acrosphaera spinosa hamospina

neptune records:


Citation: Acrosphaera spinosa (Haeckel 1862) Caulet 1986
taxonomic rank: species
Basionym: Collosphaera spinosa Haeckel 1862
1861 Collosphaera spinosa - Haeckel p. 845
1862 Collosphaera spinosa - Haeckel p. 536; pl. 34, figs. 12-13
1887 Acrosphaera spinosa - Haeckel p. 100; not figured
1967 Polysolenia spinosa - Nigrini pl. 1, fig. 1
1971 Acrosphaera spinosa - Strelkov and Reshetnjak pl. 5, figs. 33-38; pl. 6, figs. 39-41
1979 Acrosphaera spinosa spinosa - Bjørklund and Goll pl. 1, figs. 8-9
1979 Polysolenia spinosa - Nigrini and Moore pl. 2, fig. 5
1980 Acrosphaera spinosa - Boltovskoy and Riedel pl. 1, figs. 1-3
1985 Polysolenia spinosa - Lombari and Boden p. 34; not figured
1995 Acrosphaera spinosa - Schröder-Ritzrau pl. 4, figs. 5-6
1995 Acrosphaera spinosa - van de Paverd pls. 5-7
1996 Acrosphaera spinosa - Welling pl. 1, figs. 2-3
1998 Acrosphaera spinosa - Boltovskoy fig. 15.18
Taxonomic discussion: (Haeckel) 1862; Hull, 1993 (ODP 136 SR), pl. 1 figs. 8-9

Catalog entries: Collosphaera spinosa

Original description: Die kieselige Gitterschale der in dem gallertigen Meerqualster zerstreuten Nester mehr oder weniger kugelig, mit unregelmäfsigen und ungleichen rundlichen Löchern und zahlreichen zwischen denselben schief abstehenden, kurzen Stacheln, höchstens 1/5 so lang als der Durchmesser. Centralkapseln (Nester) kugelig, farblos.
[Siliceous lattice shell, included in the gelatinous protoplasm distributed around the central capsule, more or less spherical, with irregular and irregularly rounded pores, and numerous short spines obliquely oriented, at most 1/5 as long as the diameter of the circular, translucent, central capsule. (In German. Translated by J.P.C.)]


Published descriptions

Nigrini 1967 - Collosphaera spinosa

Shell thin-walled, smooth, spherical, with numerous, irregularly scattered, subcircular pores of variable size, 1-4 times as broad as the bars. Short spines, usually mounted on conical elevations, project randomly over the shell surface, either singly from pore margins or from between the pores. Spines are usually conical, but may be quite sharp; often they are fenestrate near the shell and sometimes arise from as cluster of small pores rather than from a single pore. Probably these pore clusters form when a single pore is divided by a growing spine.

Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant. Data source: Lazarus et al. 2015 - "R age group"
First occurrence (base): within Quaternary Period (0.00-2.59Ma, base in Gelasian stage). Data source: Lazarus et al. 2015 - "R age group"

Plot of occurrence data:


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Missing or ambiguous references: Haeckel 1861; Welling 1996;


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