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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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= Acadialithus
Acadialithus dennei
Acadialithus valentinei

Acaenolithus Black 1973
= Broinsonia
Acaenolithus cenomanicus
Acaenolithus galloisii
Acaenolithus undatus
Acaenolithus vimineus
Acaenolithus viriosus

Acanthoica Lohmann 1903
= Acanthoica

Acanthosolenia Bernard 1939
= Calciosolenia
Acanthosolenia mediterranea

= Actiniscus
Actiniscus chaizi
Actiniscus colleti
Actiniscus colleti var a
Actiniscus cruciatus
Actiniscus decapetalus
Actiniscus ilvensis
Actiniscus vernandi

Actinosphaera Noël 1965
= Watznaueria
Actinosphaera deflandrei
Actinosphaera sera

Actinozygus Gartner 1968
= Ahmuellerella
Actinozygus fragilis
Actinozygus rhombocaulis

Acuturris Wind & Wise 1976
= Acuturris

Aethiopites Caratini 1963
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
Aethiopites circularis

Agalmatoaster Klumpp 1953
= Discoaster
Agalmatoaster septemradiatus

Ahmuellerella Reinhardt 1964
= Ahmuellerella
Ahmuellerella alboradiata
Ahmuellerella dietzmanni
Ahmuellerella frankiae
Ahmuellerella granulata
Ahmuellerella limbitenuis
Ahmuellerella oblata
Ahmuellerella retiformis

Alfordia Black 1975
= Rhagodiscus

Aliculosphaera Aubry & Bord 2009
= Aliculosphaera

Alisphaera Heimdal 1973
= Alisphaera
Alisphaera capulata
Alisphaera extenta
Alisphaera gaudii
Alisphaera pinnigera
Alisphaera quadrilatera
Alisphaera spatula
Alisphaera uncinata
Alisphaera unicornis

Allemanites Grün 1975
= Cretarhabdus

Alvearium Black 1965
= Mitrolithus
Alvearium dorsetense

Alveosphaera Jordan & Young 1990

Amaurolithus Gartner & Bukry 1975
= Amaurolithus
Amaurolithus brevigracilis
Amaurolithus delicatus
Amaurolithus ninae

Amitha Shafik 1989
= Blackites
Amitha perfecta
Amitha prolata

Amithalithina Pospichal & Wise 1990
= Pyrocyclus
Amithalithina sigmundii

Amphizygus Bukry 1969
= Amphizygus
Amphizygus brooksii brooksii
Amphizygus brooksii nanus
Amphizygus megalops
Amphizygus microminutus
Amphizygus minimus
Amphizygus papillatus

Anacanthoica Deflandre 1952
= Acanthoica
Anacanthoica caballicarus
Anacanthoica mitra
Anacanthoica solomonica

Anfractus Medd 1979
= Anfractus
Anfractus harrisonii
Anfractus parvus
Anfractus variabilis
Anfractus youngii

Angulofenestrellithus Bukry 1969
= Angulofenestrellithus
Angulofenestrellithus snyderi

Angulolithina Bukry 1973
= Angulolithina
Angulolithina arca

Annulithus Rood, Hay & Barnard 1974
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
Annulithus arkelli

Anoplosolenia Deflandre 1952
= Calciosolenia

Ansulasphaera Grün & Zweili 1980
= Ansulasphaera
Ansulasphaera bownii
Ansulasphaera covingtonii
Ansulasphaera helvetica

Anthosphaera Kamptner 1936
= Syracosphaera
Anthosphaera aurea
Anthosphaera fragaria
Anthosphaera meteora
Anthosphaera origami
Anthosphaera periperforata

Apertapetra Hay, Mohler & Wade 1966
= Reticulofenestra
Apertapetra samodurovi

Apertius Goy in Goy et al. 1979
= Crucirhabdus
Apertius dorei

Archaeopontosphaera Jafar 1983
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
Archaeopontosphaera primitiva

Archaeozygodiscus Bown 1985
= Archaeozygodiscus
Archaeozygodiscus koesseni

Argyrosphaera Aubry & Bord 2009
= Scyphosphaera

Arkhangelskiales Bown & Hampton in Young & Bown 1997
= Arkhangelskiales

Arkhangelskiella Vekshina 1959
= Arkhangelskiella

Asinithistimorfi Bowman&Varol 2021

Asinithistimorfi aubryae

Aspidolithus Noël 1969
= Broinsonia
Aspidolithus angustus
Aspidolithus latus
Aspidolithus signatus

Aspidorhabdus Hay & Towe 1962
= Rhabdosphaera
Aspidorhabdus ovalis

Assipetra Roth 1973
= Assipetra
Assipetra infracretacea larsonii
Assipetra terebrodentarius youngii

Asterolithes Sujkowski 1931
= Discoaster
Asterolithes cayeuxi
Asterolithes grodnensis
Asterolithes niemeni
Asterolithes octoradiatus
Asterolithes polyradiatus
Asterolithes pyszkiensis
Asterolithes sexradiatus
Asterolithes simplex

Astrionis Wilcoxon 1972
= Lithastrinus
Astrionis segmentis

Athenagalea Hattner & Wise 1980
= Petrobrasiella
Athenagalea robusta

Aubrysphaera Steurbaut 1990
= Aubrysphaera
Aubrysphaera deconinckii

Axopodorhabdus Wind & Wise 1976
= Axopodorhabdus
Axopodorhabdus depravatus

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