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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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C has 111 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 Calcia :: 2 Clausi :: 3 Cribro
Calciarcus Manton et al. 1977
= Calciarcus
Calciarcus alaskensis

Calcicalathina Thierstein 1971
= Calcicalathina
Calcicalathina alta
Calcicalathina erbae
Calcicalathina praeoblongata

Calcidiscus Kamptner 1950
= Calcidiscus

Calcioconus Schiller 1925

Calcioconus vitreus

Calciopappus Gaarder & Ramsfjell 1954
= Calciopappus
Calciopappus caudatus
Calciopappus rigidus

Calciopilleus Müller 1974

Calciopilleus obscurus

Calciosolenia Gran 1912
= Calciosolenia

Calcitrema Kamptner 1963

Calcitrema asymmetricum
Calcitrema longiporum
Calcitrema praeceps
Calcitrema ranesum

Calcivascularis Wiegand 1984
= Calcivascularis
Calcivascularis cassidyi
Calcivascularis jansae

Calculites Prins & Sissingh in Sissingh 1977
= Calculites

Calicasphaera Kleijne 1991
= Calicasphaera
Calicasphaera blokii
Calicasphaera concava
Calicasphaera diconstricta

Calolithus Noël 1965
= Watznaueria
Calolithus elongatus
Calolithus formosus
Calolithus martelae
Calolithus speetonensis

Calyculus Noël 1972
= Calyculus
Calyculus adjunctus
Calyculus cribrum
Calyculus depressus
Calyculus elongatus
Calyculus pugnatum
Calyculus subcircularis

Calyptrolithina Heimdal 1982

Calyptrolithophora Heimdal, in Heimdal & Gaarder 1980

Calyptrolithus Kamptner 1948
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
Calyptrolithus cedus
Calyptrolithus galerus
Calyptrolithus hemisphaericus
Calyptrolithus lucasi
Calyptrolithus morionum
Calyptrolithus subtilis

Calyptrosphaera Lohmann 1902

Campylosphaera Kamptner 1963
= Campylosphaera
Campylosphaera bramlettei
Campylosphaera differta
Campylosphaera eodela

Camuralithus de Kaenel & Villa 1996
= Camuralithus
Camuralithus pelliculatus

Caneosphaera Gaarder, in Gaarder & Heimdal 1977
= Syracosphaera
Caneosphaera halldalii dilatata

Canistrolithus Jordan & Chamberlain 1993
= Canistrolithus
Canistrolithus valliformis

Carinolithus Prins in Grün, Prins & Zweili 1974
= Carinolithus
Carinolithus cantaluppii
Carinolithus fistulatus
Carinolithus poulnabronei
Carinolithus superbus incrassatus

Caterella Black 1971
= Watznaueria
Caterella perstrata

Catillus Goy in Goy et al. 1979
= Calyculus
Catillus hommerili
Catillus serrai

Catinaster Martini & Bramlette 1963
= Catinaster
Catinaster calyculus
Catinaster calyculus rectus
Catinaster coalitus
Catinaster coalitus extensus
Catinaster glenos
Catinaster mexicanus
Catinaster rotundus
Catinaster umbrellus
Catinaster virginianus

Catostaura Aubry in Aubry & Bord 2009
= Cruciplacolithus

Cenorbiculus Burns 1976
= Discorhabdus
Cenorbiculus centriperforatus

Centosphaera Wind & Wise 1976
= Centosphaera
Centosphaera barbata

Centumgemina Mai & Aubry 2005
= Centumgemina

Cepekiella Roth 1970
= Blackites
Cepekiella elongata

Ceratolithina Martini 1967
= Ceratolithina
Ceratolithina bicornuta
Ceratolithina copis
Ceratolithina cruxii
Ceratolithina cruxii capitanea
Ceratolithina duplex duplex
Ceratolithina duplex gemina
Ceratolithina hamata
Ceratolithina hamata falcata
Ceratolithina naturalisteplateauensis
Ceratolithina vesca

Ceratolithoides Bramlette & Martini 1964
= Ceratolithoides

Ceratolithus Kamptner 1950
= Ceratolithus

Chiasmolithus Hay, Mohler & Wade 1966
= Chiasmolithus

Chiastella Lambert 1993
= Chiastella
Chiastella grana

Chiastozygus Gartner 1968
= Chiastozygus

Chiphragmalithus Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Chiphragmalithus
Chiphragmalithus acanthodes
Chiphragmalithus achylosus
Chiphragmalithus altinlii
Chiphragmalithus armatus
Chiphragmalithus barbatus
Chiphragmalithus bramlettei
Chiphragmalithus calathus
Chiphragmalithus muzylevii
Chiphragmalithus quadratus
Chiphragmalithus vandenberghei

Chrysotila Anand 1936
= Chrysotila
Chrysotila lamellosa
Chrysotila stipitata

Citrocalculus Troelsen & Quadros 1971
= Micrantholithus
Citrocalculus minutus

Clathrolithus Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert 1954
= Clathrolithus
Clathrolithus ellipticus
Clathrolithus minutus
Clathrolithus spinosus

C has 111 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 Calcia :: 2 Clausi :: 3 Cribro

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