Classification: ntax_cenozoic -> Coccolithales -> Pleurochrysidaceae -> Chrysotila
Sister taxa: Chrysotila

Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)
Chrysotila carterae
Typical form, liths 2-3 µm long; shields smooth
Chrysotila dentata
Ornate species with tooth-like projections forming an irregular collar around the tube.
Chrysotila gayraliae
Coccoliths 2-3 µm long, broadly elliptical; placolith-like, with broad flanges.
Chrysotila la-hague
Cocoliths elongate, with narrow flanges
Chrysotila placolithoides
Coccoliths with broad flanges; larger (2-4 µm long); distal shield nearly twice as wide as in any other Pleurochrysis species.
Chrysotila roscoffensis
Two cycles of nodes on tube inner wall and often one cycle of nodes on the distal shield.
Chrysotila scherffelii
Calcifying phase not known
Chrysotila stipitata

Chrysotila sp.
Specimens which cannot be assigned to established species


Citation: Chrysotila Anand 1936
Rank: Genus
Type species: Chrysotila stipitata Anand 1936
Taxonomic discussion: Change of generic name: Andersen et al. (2014) conclusively demonstrated that Chrysotila was a senior synonym of Pleurochrysis, although based on a phase of the life-cycle which does not produce coccoliths. Unfortunately this means the generic name has changed. This opinion has been followed by, for example, Algaebase and the Roscoff Culture Collection so we have also followed it here. [JRY 2017]

Distinguishing features: Coccoliths elliptical narrow-rimmed placoliths with complex rim structure, open central area

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: Chrysotila, Pleurochrysis, Cricosphaera *

Morphology: Coccolithophore motile, neritic; coccosphere monomorphic.

Search data:
TagsLITHS: placolith, elliptical, CA: vacant,
CSPH: equant, monomorphic, CROSS-POLARS: rim-bicyclic, V-prominent, R-prominent,
MetricsLith size: 1.5->4µm;
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): at top of No known fossil record modern (100% up, 0Ma, in "Holocene" stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database

Plot of occurrence data:


Anand, P. L. (1936). Seven new Chrysophyceae from the south-east coast of England. In, unknown (ed.) Twenty-third Indian Science Congress. Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta 282-283. gs

Andersen, R. A., Kim, J. I., Tittley, I. & Yoon, H. S. (2014). A re-investigation of Chrysotila (Prymnesiophyceae) using material collected from the type locality. Phycologia. 53(5): 463-473. gs

Braarud, T. (1960). On the coccolithophorid genus Cricosphaera n. gen. Nytt Magasin for Botanikk. 8: 211-212. gs

Pringsheim, E. G. (1955). Kleine Mitteilungen über Flagellaten und Algen. I. Algenartige Chrysophyceen in Reinkultur. Archiv für Mikrobiologie. 21: 401-410. gs


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