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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Discoaster has 278 sub-taxa these are grouped in 7 pages
1 D. abr :: 2 D. bra :: 3 D. dri :: 4 D. kue :: 5 D. not :: 6 D. qui :: 7 D. tan
Discoaster abrachiatus Blair & Bergen, in Blair et al. 2017
= Discoaster abrachiatus
Discoaster acutus Bown 2005
= Discoaster acutus
Discoaster adamanteus Bramlette & Wilcoxon 1967
= Discoaster brouweri-like preservational morphotypes
Discoaster aecus Brönnimann & Stradner 1960
= Discoaster salisburgensis
Discoaster aegyptiacus El-Dawoody 1988 aegyptiacus El-Dawoody 1988
= Discoaster acutus
Discoaster aegyptiacus El-Dawoody 1988 duwiensis El-Dawoody 1988
= Discoaster araneus
Discoaster altus Müller 1974
= Discoaster altus
Discoaster alyssae Fernando et al. (2020)
= Discoaster alyssae
Discoaster anartios Bybell & Self-Trail 1995
= Discoaster anartios
Discoaster anconitanus Cati & Borsetti 1972
= Discoaster pentaradiatus
Discoaster andamanensis Singh & Vimal 1976
= Discoaster brouweri-like preservational morphotypes
Discoaster apetalus de Kaenel & Bergen, in de Kaenel et al. 2017
= Discoaster apetalus
Discoaster araneus Bukry 1971
= Discoaster araneus
Discoaster archipelagoensis Singh & Vimal 1976
= Discoaster brouweri
Discoaster argutus Hay in Hay et al. 1967
= Discoaster brouweri-like preservational morphotypes
Discoaster arneyi de Kaenel & Bergen, in de Kaenel et al. 2017
= Discoaster arneyi
Discoaster astellaris de Kaenel & Bergen, in de Kaenel et al. 2017
= Discoaster astellaris
Discoaster aster Bramlette & Riedel 1954
= Discoaster brouweri-like preservational morphotypes
Discoaster asteriscus Furrazola & Kreisel 1972

Discoaster asymmetricus Gartner 1969
= Discoaster asymmetricus
Discoaster athanasiui Filipescu & Hanganu 1960
= Ascidian spicules
Discoaster? atlanticus Wilcoxon 1972
= Retecapsa angustiforata
Discoaster aulakos Gartner 1967
= Discoaster deflandrei
Discoaster backmanii Agnini et al. 2008
= Discoaster backmanii
Discoaster barbadiensis Tan Sin Hok 1927 emend. Bramlette & Riedel 1954
= Discoaster barbadiensis
Discoaster bellus Bukry & Percival 1971
= Discoaster bellus
Discoaster bergenii Knuttel et al. 1989
= Discoaster bergenii
Discoaster berggrenii Bukry 1971
= Discoaster berggrenii
Discoaster berggrenii extensus Wei 2003

Discoaster bifax Bukry 1971
= Discoaster bifax
Discoaster bifidus Noël 1960
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
Discoaster binodosus Martini 1958
= Discoaster binodosus
Discoaster binodosus Martini 1958 binodosus Martini 1958
= Discoaster binodosus
Discoaster binodosus Martini 1958 hirundinus Martini 1958
= Discoaster nodifer
Discoaster blackstockae Bukry 1973
= Discoaster brouweri
Discoaster bolivariae Browning & Bergen, in Browning et al. 2017
= Discoaster bolivariae
Discoaster bollii Martini & Bramlette 1963
= Discoaster bollii
Discoaster borroi Furrazola & Kreisel 1972

Discoaster boulangeri Lezaud 1968
= Discoaster barbadiensis
Discoaster braarudii Bukry 1971
= Discoaster braarudii
Discoaster has 278 sub-taxa these are grouped in 7 pages
1 D. abr :: 2 D. bra :: 3 D. dri :: 4 D. kue :: 5 D. not :: 6 D. qui :: 7 D. tan

Current identification/main database link: Discoaster Tan Sin Hok 1927

Compiled data

Citation: Discoaster Tan Sin Hok 1931
Rank: Genus
Type species: Eu-discoaster brouweri Tan Sin Hok, 1927, subs. des. by Doweld 2014
Language: EN
Farinacci catalog page (& compiler): 1059
Current citation: Discoaster Tan Sin Hok 1927

Original Description



Extra details from original publication

Editors' Notes
Tan Sin Hok (1927, 1931) did not follow standard nomenclatural practice and left a confusion of generic names - Discoaster, Eu-discoaster, Hemi-disocaster and Helio-discoaster. These are discussed by, in particular, Loeblich & Tappan (1963), Prins (1971), Theodoridis (1983, 1984), and Doweld (2014). Doweld (2014) made a formal proposal to the ICN to conserve Discoaster and supress Eu-discoaster, Hemi-discoaster and Helio-discoaster and to designate D. brouweri as the type species (Loeblich & Tappan 1963 had earlier sought to designate D. pentaradiatus as type species, but this was not done correctly and so was meaningless according to Doweld 2014).

The proposal of Doweld (2014) was approved, as reported by Herendeen (2016), and ratified by the ICN. Hence Discoaster is a fully valid genus, with the type D. brouweri. [my notes JRY, 2022]


Doweld, A. B. (2014). Proposals to conserve the name Discoaster against Eu-discoaster, Helio-discoaster and Hemi-discoaster, and the names Heliodiscoaster and Hemidiscoaster with those spellings (fossil Prymnesiophyta (Algae) vel Haptomonada (Protista)). Taxon. 63(1 (2265-2267)): 195-197. gs

Herendeen, P. S. (2016). Report of the Nomenclature Committee on Fossils: 10. Taxon. 65(2): 382-387. gs

Loeblich, A. R. & Tappan, H. (1963). Type fixation and validation of certain calcareous nannoplankton genera. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 76: 191-198. gs

Prins, B. (1971). Speculations on relations, evolution and stratigraphic distribution of discoasters. In, Farinacci, A. (ed.) Proceedings of the Second Planktonic Conference Roma 1970. Edizioni Tecnoscienza, Rome 2: 1017-1037. gs O

Tan Sin Hok, (1927a). Discoasteridae incertae sedis. Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen. Sect Sci, 30: 411-419. gs V O

Tan Sin Hok, (1931). Discoasteridae, Coccolithinae,and Radiolaria. Leidse geologische mededelingen. 5: 92-95. gs

Theodoridis, S. (1983). On the legitimacy of the generic name Discoaster Tan 1927 ex Tan 1931. INA Newsletter. 5(1): 15-21. gs V O

Theodoridis, S. (1984). Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Miocene and revision of the helicoliths and discoasters. Utrecht Micropaleontological Bulletin. 32: 1-271. gs O


Discoaster: Catalog entry compiled by Anna Farinacci. Viewed: 27-9-2022

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Tony Rees (Nimbin, Australia)

(3) The original publication details for Discoaster S.H. Tan, 1931 are Tan, S. H. (1931). Discoasteridae, Coccolithinae and Radiolaria. In: B.G. Escher et al. (eds.) De palaeontologie en stratigraphie van Nederlandsch Oost-Indie, Feestbundel K. Martin, Leidsche Geol. Meded. 5, p. 92-114. - published on p. 93 according to Doweld.

Tony Rees (Nimbin, Australia)

(2) Tan Sin Hok published under that name as written out, however according to his biography Tan is the family name, Sin Hok the given names, therefore his authorship (and published works) should preferably be cited as "S.H. Tan" (or "S.H.Tan", no space, if you strictly follow the IPNI format, which I don't...) - see .

Tony Rees (Nimbin, Australia)

Hi Jeremy... some points regarding Discoaster, and other taxa from this author, if I may...

(1) Although the Farinacci catalogue regard Discoaster as an emendation of Eu-discoaster, and therefore dates it to the year for the latter (1927), the cited work by Doweld, 2014 (as accepted by Herendeen, 2016) treats Discoaster as a new name first published in 1931 and therefore should be cited with that date, which is also accepted by Index Nominum Genericorum as at now.

Jeremy Young (London, UK)

Thanks - I've changed the citation date to 1931. I agree with you on IPNI format, it is a hideous system and trying to follow it would be pointless waste of time.

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