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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Halopappus Schiller 1914
= Michaelsarsia
Halopappus adriaticus
Halopappus quadribrachiatus
Halopappus vahseli

Haqius Roth 1978
= Haqius
Haqius ellipticus
Haqius peltatus

Haslingfieldia Black 1973
= Staurolithites
Haslingfieldia stradneri

Hayaster Bukry 1973
= Hayaster

Hayella Roth 1968
= Hayella
Hayella aperta
Hayella elegans
Hayella gauliformis
Hayella simplex
Hayella situliformis
Hayella situliformis ovata

Hayesites Manivit 1971
= Hayesites
Hayesites albiensis
Hayesites bulbus

Hayococcus Jafar 1983

Hayococcus floralis

Heimiella Lohmann 1913
= Syracosphaera
Heimiella excentrica

Helenea Worsley 1971
= Helenea
Helenea chiastia
Helenea staurolithina

Helicolithus Noël 1970
= Helicolithus
Helicolithus blairiae
Helicolithus leckiei
Helicolithus stillatus
Helicolithus tectufissus
Helicolithus turonicus
Helicolithus varolii

Helicopontosphaera Hay & Mohler 1967
= Helicosphaera

Helicorhabdus Lambert 1987
= Helicorhabdus
Helicorhabdus asymetricus

Helicosphaera Kamptner 1954
= Helicosphaera
Helicosphaera acuta
Helicosphaera alata
Helicosphaera ampliaperta
Helicosphaera bipuncta
Helicosphaera bownii
Helicosphaera burkei
Helicosphaera californiana
Helicosphaera carteri
Helicosphaera carteri burkei
Helicosphaera carteri carteri
Helicosphaera carteri wallichii
Helicosphaera clarissima
Helicosphaera compacta
Helicosphaera crouchii
Helicosphaera disrupta
Helicosphaera elongata
Helicosphaera ethologa
Helicosphaera euphratis
Helicosphaera gartneri
Helicosphaera gertae
Helicosphaera girgisii
Helicosphaera huangii
Helicosphaera hyalina
Helicosphaera intermedia
Helicosphaera inversasera
Helicosphaera jakubowskii
Helicosphaera leesiae
Helicosphaera lenticulata
Helicosphaera limasera
Helicosphaera magnifica
Helicosphaera mediterranea
Helicosphaera minuta
Helicosphaera moorkensii
Helicosphaera muellerae
Helicosphaera neolophota
Helicosphaera obliqua
Helicosphaera omanica
Helicosphaera orientalis
Helicosphaera pacifica
Helicosphaera paleocarteri
Helicosphaera parallela
Helicosphaera pavimentum
Helicosphaera perch-nielseniae
Helicosphaera philippinensis
Helicosphaera porosa
Helicosphaera princei
Helicosphaera prolixa
Helicosphaera reticulata
Helicosphaera robinsoniae
Helicosphaera scissura
Helicosphaera sellii
Helicosphaera seminulum
Helicosphaera seminulum lophota
Helicosphaera seminulum recta
Helicosphaera seminulum seminulum
Helicosphaera stalis
Helicosphaera stalis ovata
Helicosphaera stalis stalis
Helicosphaera theodoridisii
Helicosphaera transylvanica
Helicosphaera truempyi
Helicosphaera truncata
Helicosphaera vedderi
Helicosphaera walbersdorfensis
Helicosphaera waltrans
Helicosphaera watkinsii
Helicosphaera zeta

Helicosphaerella Aubry, Liu, de Vargas,&Probert in Aubry & Bord 2009
= Helicosphaera

Helicosphaeroides Aubry, Liu, de Vargas,&Proberts in Aubry & Bord 2009
= Helicosphaera

Helio-discoaster Tan

Helio-discoaster binodosus
Helio-discoaster mirus
Helio-discoaster nodifer
Helio-discoaster tanii

Heliodiscoaster Tan Sin Hok 1927
= Discoaster
Heliodiscoaster barbadiensis
Heliodiscoaster barbadiensis bebalaini
Heliodiscoaster cayeuxi
Heliodiscoaster cernaensis
Heliodiscoaster concentricus
Heliodiscoaster deflandrei
Heliodiscoaster ehrenbergi
Heliodiscoaster irregularis
Heliodiscoaster rumanus

Heliolithus Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Heliolithus

Heliorthus Brönnimann & Stradner 1960
= Neococcolithes
Heliorthus denticulatus
Heliorthus fallax
Heliorthus tenuis

Heliotrochus Aubry 2014
= Heliolithus
Heliotrochus steurbautii
Heliotrochus trypa

Helladosphaera Kamptner 1936
= Helladosphaera
Helladosphaera aurisinae
Helladosphaera fastigata
Helladosphaera gaarderii
Helladosphaera isselii
Helladosphaera lafourcadii
Helladosphaera magnaghii
Helladosphaera pienaarii
Helladosphaera poritectum
Helladosphaera richardi
Helladosphaera strigillata

Hemidiscoaster Tan Sin Hok 1927
= Discoaster
Hemidiscoaster molengraaffi
Hemidiscoaster triradiatus
Hemidiscoaster triradiatus aquitanicus

Hemipodorhabdus Black 1971
= Hemipodorhabdus
Hemipodorhabdus biforatus
Hemipodorhabdus conjugatus
Hemipodorhabdus latiforatus
Hemipodorhabdus niger

Heteromarginatus Bukry 1969
= Heteromarginatus
Heteromarginatus wallacei

Heterorhabdus Noël 1970
= Retecapsa
Heterorhabdus primitivus
Heterorhabdus sinuosus

Hexadelus Shamrock & Watkins 2012
= Hexadelus
Hexadelus archus

Hexalithus Gardet 1955
= Hexalithus
Hexalithus gardetae
Hexalithus geometricus
Hexalithus hexalithus
Hexalithus lecali
Hexalithus magharensis
Hexalithus noelae
Hexalithus strictus

Hexangulolithus Bukry 1969

Hexangulolithus primus

Hexapodorhabdus Noël 1965
= Hexapodorhabdus
Hexapodorhabdus cuvillieri

Heyneckia Lohmann 1913

Heyneckia barkowi

Holococcolithophora Jordan et al. 2004

Holococcolithophora kastriensis

Holodiscolithus Roth 1970
= Holodiscolithus
Holodiscolithus agniniae
Holodiscolithus catellus
Holodiscolithus fabaceus
Holodiscolithus geisenii
Holodiscolithus lippertii
Holodiscolithus liuii
Holodiscolithus minolettii
Holodiscolithus serus
Holodiscolithus whitesideae

Homozygosphaera Deflandre 1952
= Homozygosphaera
Homozygosphaera halldalii
Homozygosphaera triarcha
Homozygosphaera vavilovii
Homozygosphaera vercellii

Hornibrookina Edwards 1973
= Hornibrookina
Hornibrookina apellanizii
Hornibrookina arca
Hornibrookina australis
Hornibrookina edwardsii
Hornibrookina gracila
Hornibrookina indistincta
Hornibrookina larae
Hornibrookina nicolasii
Hornibrookina teuriensis
Hornibrookina weimerae

Hughesius Varol 1989
= Hughesius
Hughesius gizoensis
Hughesius youngii

Hymenomonadaceae Senn 1900

Hymenomonas Stein 1878
= Hymenomonas
Hymenomonas coccolithophora
Hymenomonas coronata
Hymenomonas danubiensis
Hymenomonas flava
Hymenomonas fusiformis
Hymenomonas krejcigrafii
Hymenomonas lacuna
Hymenomonas prenanti
Hymenomonas roseola glabra
Hymenomonas scherfelii

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