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Hymenomonas roseola

Classification: ntax_cenozoic -> Coccolithales -> Hymenomonadaceae -> Hymenomonas -> Hymenomonas roseola
Sister taxa: H. coronata, H. globosa, H. lacuna, H. roseola, H. krejcigrafii, H. sp.


Citation: Hymenomonas roseola Stein, 1878
Rank: Species
Synonyms: Synonymy according to Schiller (1930), Braarud (1954) and Preisig (2002). NB H. prenantii Lecal 1965 is now considered to be a synonym of Gyromitus disomatus Skuja and so not a coccolithophore, see Nicholls (1979), Preisig (2002).

Distinguishing features:
Parent taxon (Hymenomonas): Coccoliths with serated distal margin
This taxon: Freshwater - coccoliths almost identical to those of H. globosa

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: H. roseola [no catalog entry yet], Pontosphaera stagnicola, H. coccolithophora * , Hymenomonas danubiensis, H. flava * , H. scherfelli [no catalog entry yet]

Cultures: strains of this species are maintained in culture, for details see Roscoff culture collection.

Ecology & Biogeography: Freshwater - this is the only definite freshwater coccolithophore, see Braarud (1954), Manton & Peterfi (1969), Preisig (2002).

Search data:
TagsLITHS: murolith, elliptical, CA: vacant,
CSPH: equant, monomorphic,
MetricsLith size: 1->2µm; Segments: 12->14; Coccosphere size: 13->15µm;
Data source notes: RCC
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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant Data source: present in the plankton (Young et al. 2003)
First occurrence (base): within No known fossil record modern (0.00-0.00Ma, base in "Holocene" stage). Data source: [JRY rough estimate]

Plot of occurrence data:


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