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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989 and updated by Richard Howe 2000-2016 - see also this page.
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P has 69 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Podorh
Podorhabdus Noël 1965
= Podorhabdus

Polycladolithus Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert 1954
= Lithostromation
P. deflandrei
P. operosus
P. stellaris

Polycostella Thierstein 1971
= Polycostella
P. beckmannii
P. prossii
P. senaria
P. triassica

Polycrater Manton & Oates 1980
= Polycrater phase
P. galapagensis

Polycyclolithus Forchheimer 1968
= Eprolithus
P. brotzenii
P. orbiculatus

Polypodorhabdus Noël 1965
= Cretarhabdus
P. arctus
P. beckii
P. escaigi
P. harrisonii
P. madingleyensis
P. paucisectus
P. pienaari

Pontilithus Gartner 1968
= Tranolithus
P. complexus
P. obliquicancellatus

Pontosphaera Lohmann 1902
= Pontosphaera

Poricalyptra Kleijne 1991
= Poricalyptra

Poritectolithus Kleijne 1991
= Poritectolithus
P. maximus
P. tyronus

Porsildia Thomsen & Østergaard (2015)
= Vexillarius
P. acerviphora

Praenoelaerhabdus Mihajlovic 1993

P. banatensis

Praeprinsius Varol & Jakubowski 1989
= Prinsius

Prediscosphaera Vekshina 1959
= Prediscosphaera

Prinsiosphaera Jafar 1983
= Prinsiosphaera
P. geometrica
P. triassica
P. triassica crenulata
P. triassica hyalina
P. triassica noeliae
P. triassica perforata
P. triassica punctata

Prinsius Hay & Mohler 1967
= Prinsius
P. africanus
P. minutus
P. rosenkrantzii
P. scissuratus
P. simplex

Proculithus Medd 1979
= Calyculus
P. charlotteii
P. expansus
P. fistulatus

Prolatipatella Gartner 1968
= Prolatipatella
P. multicarinata

Pseudoconus Bown & Cooper 1987
= Pseudoconus
P. enigma

Pseudoemiliania Gartner 1969
= Pseudoemiliania

Pseudolithraphidites Keupp 1976

P. multibacillatus
P. quattuorbacillatus

Pseudomicula Perch-Nielsen, in Perch-Nielsen et al. 1978
= Pseudomicula
P. quadrata

Pseudotriquetrorhabdulus Wise & Constans 1976
= Blackites

Pseudowigwamma Thomsen in Thomsen et al. 2013
= Pseudowigwamma

Pseudozygrhablithus Haq 1971
= Zygrhablithus
P. altus
P. comprimus
P. latus

Psyktosphaera Pospichal & Wise 1990
= Psyktosphaera
P. firthii

Pyrobolella Black 1971
= crystals
P. bradfieldii

Pyrocyclus Hay & Towe 1962
= Pyrocyclus
P. hermosus
P. inversus

Pyxolithus Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert 1954
= crystals
P. problematicus

P has 69 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Podorh

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