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Current identification/main database link: Prymnesium parvum Carter 1937; emend. Green et al. 1982

Compiled data

Citation: Prymnesium patellifera Green et al 1982
Rank: Species
Type specimens: Holotype figs. 18-21
Farinacci catalog page (& compiler): n/a
Current citation: Prymnesium parvum Carter 1937; emend. Green et al. 1982

Original Description
Swimming cells 6-12 µm long x 3.5-8-0 µm broad; mostly sub-spherical to elongate with more or less parallel sides and rounded posterior end; sometimes bent or pyriform or with a tapered posterior end; anterior end obliquely truncate. Two equal or sub-equal distally tapered heterodynamic flagella, 10-14.5 µm in length and a short, 3.0-5.0 µm, flexible non- coiling haptonema arising sub-apically from a groove or depression in the truncate face. Swimming motion smooth, the cell rotating about its longitudinal axis and the anterior (flagellar) pole describing a helix about the path of travel; flagella directed posteriorly.

Body scales 0.36-0.37 µm x 0.25-0.27 µm, of two types in two layers: scales of the inner layer with a narrow inflexed rim, a central thickening on the distal face, and a radial fibrillar pattern on both faces; scales of the outer layer similar but with relatively tall upright rims.

Chloroplasts two, lateral and parietal, yellow-green to olive, lobed or dissected, each with an immersed pyrenoid. Nucleus central between the chloroplasts, Golgi body parabasal. Reserve metabolite probably chrysolaminarin (leucosin) accumulated in a posterior vacuole. Peripheral muciferous bodies and usually several lipoidol globules present.

Cysts ovoid, 9.3-10.8 µm x 6.0-6.4 µm, with a simple sub-anterior pore, the latter 2.75- 3.00 µm in diameter; wall composed of layers of scales with electron-dense siliceous material deposited on the distal surfaces of the outermost scales.


Green, J. C., Hibberd, D. J. & Pienaar, R. N. (1982). The taxonomy of Prymnesium (Prymnesiophyceae) including a description of a new cosmopolitan species, P. patellifera sp. nov., and further observations on P. parvum N. Carter. British Phycological Journal. 17: 363-382. gs V O


Prymnesium patellifera: Catalog entry compiled by Jeremy Young. Viewed: 20-6-2021

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