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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Radiodiscoaster Prins 1971
= Discoaster

Radiolithus Stover 1966
= Radiolithus
Radiolithus hollandicus
Radiolithus laingii
Radiolithus munitus
Radiolithus planus

Ramsaya Risatti 1973
= Ramsaya
Ramsaya swanseana

Rectapontis Varol & Jakubowski 1989
= Zeugrhabdotus

Rectilius Goy in Goy et al. 1979

Rectilius productus

Rectocorona Lambert 1987
= Rectocorona
Rectocorona brachyrhabda

Reinhardtites Perch- Nielsen 1968
= Reinhardtites
Reinhardtites clavicaviformis
Reinhardtites levis
Reinhardtites mirabilis
Reinhardtites scutula

Repagulum Forchheimer 1972
= Repagulum

Retecapsa Black 1971
= Retecapsa
Retecapsa angustiforata
Retecapsa brightoni
Retecapsa incompta
Retecapsa levis
Retecapsa neocomiana
Retecapsa tridentata
Retecapsa tronickei

Retemediaformis Varol 1991
= Loxolithus
Retemediaformis teneraretis

Reticulofenestra Hay, Mohler & Wade 1966
= Reticulofenestra

Rhabdocyclus Bernard & Lecal 1960
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
Rhabdocyclus simplex

Rhabdolekiskus Hill 1976
= Rhabdophidites
Rhabdolekiskus parallelus

Rhabdolithina Reinhardt 1967
= Rhagodiscus
Rhabdolithina ampla
Rhabdolithina clavulus
Rhabdolithina diversaforma
Rhabdolithina excavata
Rhabdolithina exstans
Rhabdolithina swinnertoni

Rhabdolithus Kamptner 1949
= Rhabdosphaera

Rhabdophidites Manivit 1971
= Rhabdophidites
Rhabdophidites moeslensis

Rhabdosphaera Haeckel 1894
= Rhabdosphaera


Rhabdothorax gerenus

Rhagodiscus Reinhardt 1967
= Rhagodiscus

Rhomboaster Bramlette & Sullivan 1961
= Rhomboaster
Rhomboaster bitrifida
Rhomboaster calcitrapa
Rhomboaster cuspis
Rhomboaster intermedia
Rhomboaster svabenickiae
Rhomboaster weii

Rhombogyrus Black 1973
= Radiolithus
Rhombogyrus caliciformis
Rhombogyrus stellatus
Rhombogyrus undosus

Rhombolithion Black 1973
= Rhombolithion

Rhombozygus Shumenko 1976

Rhombozygus parvus

Rotalithus Haq 1968

Rotalithus teutonicus

Rotelapillus Noël 1972
= Rotelapillus
Rotelapillus applegatei
Rotelapillus hexaradiatus
Rotelapillus msakyae
Rotelapillus pleoseptatus
Rotelapillus radians

Rothia Varol & Girgis 1994

Rucinolithus Stover 1966
= Rucinolithus

Russellia Risatti 1973
= Russellia
Russellia bukryi
Russellia laswelli

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