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Classification: ntax_non_cocco -> Silicoflagellates -> Stephanocha
Sister taxa: Dictyocha, Octactis, Stephanocha

Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)
Stephanocha speculum
6-sided with robust apical ring


Citation: Stephanocha Jordan & McCartney 2015
Rank: Genus
Synonyms: Distephanus this name has been widely used but it is a homonym of a plant genus and so unavailable. Jordan & McCartney (2015) argue that the distinction of this group from Dictyocha is of real value and so proposed the alternative name, for both living and fossil taxa.

Catalog entries: Stephanocha [no catalog entry yet]



Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant. Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): within Rupelian Stage (28.09-33.89Ma, base in Rupelian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database


Jordan, R. W. & McCartney, K. (2015). Stephanocha nom. nov., a replacement name for the illegitimate silicoflagellate genus Distephanus (Dictyochophyceae). Phytotaxa. 201(3): 177-187. gs


Stephanocha compiled by Jeremy R. Young viewed: 7-10-2022

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Ines Galovic (Zagreb, Croatia)

Distephanopsis schauinslandii (Lemmermann) Desikachary & Prema 1996 -record: Eocene to recent:Pacific (basionym: Distephanus schauislandii Lemmermann 1901, syn. Distephanus crux var. schauislandii (Lemm) Schulz 1928).

Distephanopsis staurodon (Ehrenberg) Desikachary & Prema 1996- record: Miocene-recent: Mexican gulf, Indian Ocea, Adriatic Sea (basionym: Dictyocha staurodon Ehrenberg 1844, syn. Distephanus staurodon (Ehr.) Bukry, 1978.

Distephanus septenarius (Ehrenberg) Frenguelli 1938-record: early eocene to recent: North Sea, Black Sea, Sea of Japan, Adriatic, Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctic & Indian Ocean (bas. Dictyocha septenaria Ehrenberg 1844, syn. Distephanus septenarius (Ehrenberg) Perch-Nielsen 1975; Distephanus speculum var. septenarius (Ehr.) Jiergensen 1899)

Stephanocha quinquangella (Bukry & Foster) McCartney & Jordan 2015 -record:Paleogene to recent: Atlantic, Pacific, Indic and Antarctic (Bas. Distephanus quinquangellus Bukry & Foster 1973)

Ines Galovic (Zagreb, Croatia)

Yes, Stephanocha rotunda (Stöhr) K.McCartney & R.W.Jordan 2015 -recorded from Creataceous to recent (basionym: Distephanus rotundus Stöhr 1880)

Stephanocha speculum var. ornamentum (Ehrenberg) K.McCartney & R.W.Jordan in Jordan & McCartney 2015 -records from early Eocene to recent (basionym Dictyocha ornamentum Ehrenberg 1844, syn. Distephanus ornamentum (Ehrenberg) Haeckel 1887).

This was published in Phytotaxa 201(3):177-187, but I don't have it, sorry. I saw it in the algaebase that some of mine species are changed to Stephanocha, but many more are not accepted yet. I can bring mine literature to 16.INA. :)

Ines Galovic (Zagreb, Croatia)

Its first occurrence: Upper Cretaceous (Desikachary & Prema, 1996).

Jeremy Young

Thanks - the coverage of silicoflagellates here is minimal, just a list of the extant species. Do you know which species was recoded from the Late Cretaceous and if it would be included in modern Stephanoca?

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