Nannotax3 - ntax_non_cocco - Sticholonche zanclea

Sticholonche zanclea

Classification: ntax_non_cocco -> Zooplankton groups -> Sticholonche zanclea
Sister taxa: Acantharia, Choanoflagellates, Planktonic foraminifera, Radiolaria, Sticholonche zanclea, Tintinnids


Rank: Genus
Taxonomic discussion: This is the only taxon within the Order Taxopodia, an atypical group of radiolarians. The genus is regared as monospecfic so these are all  Sticholonche zanclea  

Catalog entries: Sticholonche zanclea [no catalog entry yet]



Ecology & Biogeography

Biology & life-cycles

Phylogenetic relations

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant. Data source:
First occurrence (base): within no known fossil record modern (0.00-0.00Ma, base in "Holocene" stage). Data source:



Sticholonche zanclea compiled by Jeremy R. Young viewed: 6-12-2022

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Ric Jordan

Sticholonche zanclea

Jeremy Young (UK)

thanks Ric! These have been irritating/intriguing me off and on for years. Given the name I now know there are currently interpreted as a a very unusual radiolarian. I think I get more queries about odd non-coccos than coccos these days, so if we can get some more of these sorted out it would be very useful. Right now I am going to reidentify this - so the page will reappear as Stiloconche zanclea

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