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Original descriptions of taxa. For coccolithophores, and many calcispheres, these are pages from the Farinacci & Howe Catalog of Calcareous Nannofossils. In other cases (e.g. non-calcifying haptophytes) the data is directly compiled on this site. The "Catalogue of Calcareous Nannofossils" was originally compiled by Prof A. Farinacci 1969-1989, since 2000 it has been updated and extended by Richard Howe - see The Farinacci and Howe Catalog - an Introduction.
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Tansinius Filipescu & Hanganu 1960
= Ascidian spicules
T. angularis
T. irregularis
T. olteniae
T. rectangularis
T. stefanescui

Tanzanella Lees 2007
= Tanzanella
T. bownii

Tectulithus Miniati et al 2021
= Tectulithus
T. pagodiformis

Tegulalithus Crux 1986
= Tegulalithus

Tegumentum Thierstein in Roth & Thierstein 1972
= Tegumentum
T. lucidum
T. stradneri
T. toolebucum

Teichorhabdus Wind & Wise 1976
= Teichorhabdus
T. ethmos

Tergestiella Kamptner 1941
= Tergestiella
T. adriatica
T. calumnia
T. gemma
T. mediterranea
T. robusta

Tessellatolithus Haq 1968

T. dentatus

Tetralithoides Theodoridis 1984
= Tetralithoides
T. symeonidesii

Tetralithus Gardet 1955
= crystals

Tetrapodorhabdus Black 1971
= Tetrapodorhabdus
T. coptensis
T. hunmanbiensis
T. shawensis

Thalassopappus Kamptner 1941
= Unidentifiable coccolithophore
T. pellucidus

Thecatus Lees 2007
= Thecatus
T. varolii

Thiersteinia Wise & Watkins, in Wise 1983
= Thiersteinia
T. ecclesiastica

Thorosphaera Ostenfeld 1910
= Scyphosphaera
T. elegans
T. flabellata

Thurmannolithion GrĂ¼n & Zweili 1980
= Thurmannolithion
T. clatratum

Tiarolithus Kamptner 1958
= Calcidiscus
T. diversistriatus
T. incertus
T. laxus
T. pacificus
T. rectilineatus

Timorella Bown 1987
= Timorella
T. cypella

Timorhabdus Kristan-Tollmann 1988
= Crepidolithus
T. timorensis

Tintinnabuliformis Varol 1991
= Tintinnabuliformis
T. bicornus
T. unicorn

Tortolithus Crux 1982
= Tortolithus
T. caistorensis
T. carteri
T. dodekachelyon
T. foramen

Toweius Hay & Mohler 1967
= Toweius

Tranolithus Stover 1966
= Tranolithus

Transversopontis Hay, Mohler & Wade 1966
= Pontosphaera
T. latus
T. omarians
T. pax
T. prava
T. pseudopulcher
T. sigmoidalis
T. zigzag

Trapezopentus Wind & Cepek 1979
= Trapezopentus
T. sarmatus

Tremalithus Kamptner 1948

Tremamystron Hoffmann 1970
= Unidentifiable nannofossil
T. junioris

Tretosestrum Wilcoxon 1972
= Reticulofenestra
T. perforatus

Tribrachiatus Shamrai 1963
= Tribrachiatus
T. absidatus
T. digitalis
T. lunatus
T. orthostylus

Trigonaspsis Thomsen 1980
= Trigonaspis
T. diskoensis
T. melvillea
T. minutissima

Triorbis Varol 1984

T. dizerae

Tripinnalithus Young & Bown 2014
= Tripinnalithus

Triquetrorhabdulus Martini 1965
= Triquetrorhabdulus

Triscutum Dockerill 1987
= Triscutum
T. beaminsterensis
T. pricatillus
T. sullivanii
T. tiziense

Trochastrites Stradner 1961
= Rhomboaster
T. pyramidalis

Trochoaster Klumpp 1953
= Lithostromation

Truncatoscaphus Rood, Hay & Barnard 1971
= Truncatoscaphus
T. hexaporus
T. intermedius
T. macmillanii
T. octoporus

Truncodiscoaster Prins 1971
= Discoaster

Tubirhabdus Prins 1969 emend. Goy in Goy et al. 1979
= Tubirhabdus
T. patulus
T. patulus tubaformis
T. rhombicus

Tubodiscaceae Bown & Rutledge in Young & Bown 1997

Tubodiscus Thierstein 1973
= Tubodiscus
T. bellii
T. burnettiae
T. frankiae
T. verenae

Turbodiscoaster Prins 1971
= Discoaster

Turrilithus Jordan et al., 1991
= Turrilithus
T. latericioides

Turrisphaera Manton, I., Sutherland, J. & Oates, K., 1976
= Papposphaera HOL
T. arctica
T. borealis
T. polybotrys

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