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Anfractus variabilis
Very small holococcolith with distal surface pierced by 8-10 pores.

Arkhangelskiella confusa
Small to medium sized with a <1.5µm thick rim

Arkhangelskiella paucipunctata

Calyculus noeliae subsp. depressa
Calyculus noeliae with low rim.

Calyculus noeliae subsp. noeliae

Calyculus noeliae subsp. recondita
Calyculus noeliae with tall rim.

Keeled sphere, constructed from hour glass-shaped crystallites.

Centosphaera barbata
Keeled sphere, constructed from hour glass-shaped crystallites.

Crepidolithus ocellatus
Large blocky Crepidolithus ; rim broad; central opening with robust transverse bar and spine-base. Unicyclic in xpl.

Crucirhabdus prinsii
Additional lateral bars in central area 

Cyclagelosphaera deflandrei (morphotype A)
central area narrow circular to subelliptical; birefringence moderate (typically yellow)

Cyclagelosphaera deflandrei (morphotype B)
central area wide and elliptical; birefringence high (typically yellow to red)

Cylindralithus asymmetricus
Elliptical; central area with asymmetric crossbars

Hexalithus geometricus
Elements with indented edges.

Marthasterites bramlettei

Nannoconus erbae
Cylindrical to barrel-shaped with moderately broad canal (similar to its wall thickness).


Obliquipithonella prasina

Obliquipithonella rhombica


Orthopithonella geometrica

Orthopithonella misurinae

Perissocyclus fletcheri
Small Perissocyclus; plate with two cycles of holes around large spine

Petrobrasiella bownii
Simialr to P. venata but with distinct base and lacking central core.

Prinsiosphaera geometrica

Prinsiosphaera triassica subsp. punctata

Prinsiosphaera triassica subsp. triassica

Proculithus charlotteii

Proculithus fistulatus

Semihololithus pseudobiskayae

Similiscutum gephyrion
Medium sized biscutacean with wide shields and very narrow central area spanned by a transverse-bar-like structure. Unicyclic or weakly bicyclic image in XPL with clearly visible elements.

Staurolithites acutiferrus

Stephanolithion laffittei
Sub-circular Stephanolithion with central cross and short rim spines

Spherical calcisphere with wall formed of crystallites with c-axes parallel to wall but otherwise randomly oriented

Thoracosphaera wombatensis

Zeugrhabdotus sisyphus

Watznaueria communis
Watznaueria with narrow central-area spanned by a slightly oblique transverse bar.

Lotharingius primigenius
Small Lotharingius-like coccolith but lacking V-units and with irregularly formed shield elements

Crepidolithus crucifer
Crepidolithus with moderately broad rim; central area with axial cross

Truncatoscaphus senarius
Relatively broad, angular, Truncatoscaphus with central area spanned by a longitudinal bar and 4 diagonal lateral bars, delimiting 6 holes.

Zeugrhabdotus elegans
Typical small to medium Zeugrhabdotus - used as default identification by many workers - a modern name would be Z. howei

Stradnerlithus cotortuosus
Gracile, elliptical Stradnerlithus with central area spanned by a 6 bars (4 diagonal and 2 longitudinal).

N. funiculus group

Lotharingius imprimus
Lotharingius with narrow rim and wide, vacant, central area, inner tube cycle (V-units) only partially developed

Stradnerlithus humilis
Minute (ca 1.8µm), narrowly elliptical Stradnerlithus with central area spanned by a longitudinal bar and ~12 lateral bars (delimiting 12 holes).


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Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within (-Ma, top in "Holocene" stage).
First occurrence (base): within (-Ma, base in "Holocene" stage).

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Varol, O. & Bowman, A. R. (2019). Taxonomic revision of selected Late Jurassic (Tithonian) calcareous nannofossils and the application of mobile mounting. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Abhandlungen. 291: 65-87. gs

Wise, S. W. & Wind, F. H. (1977). Mesozoic and Cenozoic calcareous nannofossils recovered by DSDP Leg 36 drilling on the Falkland Plateau, south-west Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 36(269-491): -. gs V O


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