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Testate amoebae

Classification: ntax_non_cocco -> Testate amoebae
Sister taxa: Haptophytes, Parmales, Silicoflagellates, Miscellaneous scale-bearing groups, Testate amoebae, Chrysophyte cysts, Dinophytes, Diatoms, Zooplankton groups, Ascidian spicules, Crystals and crud, Palaeozoic nannofossils, hidden

Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)


Citation: Testate amoebae
taxonomic rank: order
Taxonomic discussion: Testate amoebae (formerly thecamoebians, Testacea or Thecamoeba) are a polyphyletic group of unicellular amoeboid protists, which differ from naked amoebae in the presence of a test that partially encloses the cell, with an aperture from which the pseudopodia emerge, that provides the amoeba with shelter from predators and environmental conditions. [copied from wikipedia].

Testate amoebae can be found in most freshwater environments, including lakes, rivers, cenotes, as well as mires and soils. There also some marine forms, including species of the genus Paulinella.

The most common group found in nannoplankton preparations are the Euglyphids which "are a prominent group of filose amoebae that produce shells or tests from siliceous scales, plates, and sometimes spines. These elements are created within the cell and then assembled on its surface in a more or less regular arrangement, giving the test a textured appearance. There is a single opening for the long slender pseudopods, which capture food and pull the cell across the substrate". Genera of euglyphids include Euglypha, Trinema, and Paulinella

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