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So, the idea here is that we can use the commenting tools to discuss anything about the site or coccolithophores. If discussions get long we can split the page into different topics. If no-one says anything we may quietly remove the page.

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J Kell (Lincoln Nebraska, US)
Zonations schemes: I have recently joined this site and have just begun to browse around. The first I have noticed though is the use of the NN/NP zonation by Martini. It is my understanding that this is the favored system in Europe, but wondered if you might consider including the CN/CP of Okada and Bukry as well?
Jeremy Young (UCL, UK)
In the medium term I do still aim to convert things so that ages are quoted in more than one way. For now though we will stay with NP/NN zones because that is the system we know.
Jeremy Young (NHM, UK)
It is really encouraging that there is so much support for developing the nannotax system in general and specifically for producing Late Cretaceous coverage. The feedback I have had indicates that the current site is well-used by industrial micropalaeontologists, research students and undergraduate students and I really hope we can develop it as a prime online source of data on nannofossil taxonomy.
Wish list
1. Taxon lists Desire to have complete searchable species lists and information on all species but with authoritative information concerning validity, synonymy, useage. For example, see approach in Dinoflaj ? valid taxa in bold, synonyms, previous combinations in quotes or similar. Flag junk! - the dinflaj site is very impressive but it has been produced from the Fensome and Wiliams (2004) catalog which actually is a better synthesis of dinoflagellate taxonomy than we have for nannos. We can learn a lot from the dinoflaj system but we are not in a position to easily impement something similar.
2. Any chance of \similar species"images being opened at the same time to enable comparison, cf. nannoware? - this is not easy to add in like that automatically but a good addition to the wish list for the site. What can be done easily, as I have done to some extent for the Neogene in nannotax is to add tables comparing species to the genus pages. It would also be entirely possible to add discussion and images of similar species in species pages.
3. Quicker, easier navigation? - clearly we need to do this. The automatically generated taxonomy tree and the search box do work but they are a bit clunky. For the Neogene I have added a hand-crafted menu and multiple links in the higher taxonomy pages, which provide faster alternative navigation methods but it would certainly be useful to add fast navigation methods independent of any taxonomic knowledge - and the more content we have the more worthwhile this will be.
4. Boolean search capability, i.e. searches on multiple terms, e.g. Miocene  discoaster datums - this is at the top of my wishlist for site development (as opposed to site expansion). I want to enable searching of the database by a combination of taxonomic group and geological age. It will require some programing effort but I am trying to get the funding to implement this.
Final comment - I am sorry there are no instant solutions to any of these requests, but as we increase the content in the site then it will become ever more worthwhile to improve the functionality. In the interim a google search on the vast majority of Cenozoic nannofossil taxa will give a nannotax link on the first page, so we are not doing too badly.

[This comment was in reply to suggestions from a workshop. Not everything has been done yet but the site is vastly mproved from the state it was in then - JRY  March 2013]"""
Shirley van Heck (Shell International, US)
Jeremy, I know of no electronic index. The only thing that worries me about the catalogue is the copy-rights of the original authors. The contract says that this is covered, but I'm not convinced that these rights can be transferred.... Does anyone have connections with a publisher who could tell us? Or do we just go ahead and if anyone complains refer back to this contract to show that we acted in good faith? cheers, Shirley
Mike Styzen (Noble Energy, US)
Richard Howe assures me that he is getting very close to finishing the editing of the photos. When they are ready they will also be available on Nannotax.
J Kell (Lincoln Nebraska, US)
I was reading on the INA site that the catalog was also going to be put into a CD format. I was ondering if that has been done? If so, can you please tell me where I can find it. Thanks!
Jeremy Young (NHM, UK)

I have now put quite a bit of content up on the site and so will be announcing its existence - please do use the forum to give some feedback - any comments will be welcome.


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