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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Abathomphalus Bolli, Loeblich, and Tappan 1957

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Abathomphalus asteroidalis Salaj 1983

Abathomphalus salajensis Solakius 1983


Citation: Abathomphalus Bolli, Loeblich, and Tappan 1957
Rank: Genus
Type species: Globotruncana mayaroensis Bolli 1951

Current identification/main database link: Abathomphalus Bolli, Loeblich, and Tappan 1957

Original Description

Test free, trochospiral, biconvex to concavoconvex, almost nonumbilicate, periphery with a single or double keel; sutures depressed, curved and sometimes beaded on the spiral side, depressed and radial on the umbilical side; wall calcareous, perforate, radial in structure, commonly ornamented with fine nodes, and the peripheral keels and sutures may also be beaded; primary aperture interiomarginal, extraumbilical, as a rule covered by a continuous umbihcal tegillum of irregular outline, with accessory infralaminal apertures situated at the suture contacts with the tegillum.


Abathes, Gr., shallow + omphalos, Gr., umbilicus; gender, masculine.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: Abathomphalus, new genus, differs from Globotruncana Cushman in lacking a wide and deep umbilicus with a sharply angled rim and delicate tegilla extending from each chamber and in the interiomarginal, extraumbilical position of the primary aperture.
In Abathomphalus, new genus, the umbilical area is not open, the final whorl of chambers all meeting ventrally, although their junction may be obscured by the single umbilical tegillum, which appears to be an extension from the final chamber. The accessory apertures are always infralaminal, not both infralaminal and intralaminal as in Globotruncana.
Abathomphalus, new genus, differs from Globorotalia Cushman in the presence of the tegillum and accessory infralaminal apertures. It differs from Rotalipora Brotzen in lacking the secondary sutural apertures on the umbilical side, in having a tegillum and accessory infralaminal apertures.

Editors' Notes


Bolli, H. M. (1951b). The genus Globotruncana in Trinidad. Journal of Paleontology. 25(2): 187-199. gs

Bolli, H. M. (1957e). The genera Praeglobotruncana, Rotalipora, Globotruncana, and Abathomphalus in the Upper Cretaceous of Trinidad, B. W. I. In, Loeblich, A. R. , Jr., Tappan, H., Beckmann, J. P., Bolli, H. M., Montanaro Gallitelli, E. & Troelsen, J. C. (eds) Studies in Foraminifera. U.S. National Museum Bulletin . 215: 51-60. gs V O


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