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Acarinina acarinata Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina nitida
Acarinina boudreauxi Fleisher 1974
= Acarinina boudreauxi
Acarinina clara Khalilov 1956
= Acarinina soldadoensis
Acarinina compacta Gudina 1966

Acarinina crassaformis simulata Kraeva 1960

Acarinina discors Myatliuk 1970

Acarinina falsospiralis Davidzon & Morozova 1964
= Acarinina subsphaerica
Acarinina inaequiconica Subbotina 1960

Acarinina indolensis Morozova 1959
= Praemurica uncinata
Acarinina intermedia Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina nitida
Acarinina interposita Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina interposita
Acarinina kiewensis Morozova, in Morozova & Sudarikov 1959

Acarinina mattseensis subsp. alticonica Fleisher 1974
= Acarinina alticonica
Acarinina mcgowrani Wade & Pearson, in Berggren et al. 2006
= Acarinina mcgowrani
Acarinina microsphaerica Morozova, in Morozova et al 1967
= Acarinina subsphaerica
Acarinina multicamerata Guasti&Speijer 2008

Acarinina multiloculata Morozova 1961

Acarinina pentacamerata acceleratoria Khalilov 1956
= Acarinina aspensis
Acarinina pentacamerata var. camerata Khalilov 1956
= Acarinina pentacamerata
Acarinina pentacamerata var. erevanensis Martirosyan 1970

Acarinina planodorsalis Fleisher 1974
= Pearsonites broedermanni
Acarinina praecursoria Morozova 1957
= Praemurica inconstans
Acarinina primitiva Morozova 1961

Acarinina proxima Pishvanova 1964

Acarinina pseudosubsphaerica Pearson & Berggren, in Berggren et al. 2006
= Acarinina pseudosubsphaerica
Acarinina pseudotopilensis Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina pseudotopilensis
Acarinina punctocarinata Fleisher 1974
= Acarinina punctocarinata
Acarinina quadratoseptata Davidzon & Morozova 1964

Acarinina rotundimarginata Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina collactea
Acarinina rugosoaculeata Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina medizzai
Acarinina subintermedia Khalilov 1956

Acarinina subpentacamerata Militsina 1961

Acarinina tadjikistanensis subsp. djanaensis Shutskaya 1960

Acarinina triplex Subbotina 1953
= Acarinina coalingensis
Acarinina umbilicata Gudina 1966

Acarinina vedica Martirosyan 1970


Citation: Acarinina Subbotina, 1953
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Acarinina acarinata Subbotina, 1953

Current identification/main database link: Acarinina Subbotina, 1953

See also: Turborotalia (Acarinina) ;Globorotalia (Acarinina) - also used a sub-genus;

Original Description

Translation from the Russian. - Test always strongly inflated, with chambers of the Globigerina type. Dorsal side slightly flattened, strongly convex ventrally. There is always an umbilicus; it may be small and barely discernible or large and very distinct. Peripheral margin without a keel, most frequently rounded. Chambers sometimes closely adjacent to one another, but in many species the chambers are loosely arranged. Aperture slitlike, along the marginal suture, often without a lip. Wall coarsely spinose; on the ventral side, near the umbilicus, the spines are longer than on the remainder of the test.

Extra details from original publication
On the basis of the character of the peripheral margin, most Acarininas can be separated into two groups of species, angular Acarininas and rounded Acarininas. In addition, there are the intermediate species of Acarininas, which are a transitional group between Globotruncana and Acarinina .

The study of the phylogenetic development of all Tertiary species of the family Globorotaliidae indicated that Acarinina is a special branch of that family, close to Globorotalia, with which it developed in a parallel lineage, but with its own special characteristics.

The most essential characteristics of all Acarininas consist in their Globigerina-like appearance, which is less well-defined in angular Acarininas and better defined in rounded ones. Acarinina is closely related to Globorotalia because of the flattened dorsal side, the coarse spinosity of the wall and, in certain species, the angular peripheral margin. Most often, each species of Globorotalia in the Lower Paleogene of the Northern Caucasus is associated with a particular species of Acarinina.

Previously, angular Acarininas such as Acarinina crassaformis (Galloway and Wissler) were assigned to the genus Globigerina, and later to the genus Globorotalia. Certain rounded Acarininas, e.g., Acarinina pentacamerata (Subbotina), were referred to Globorotalia.

The lineage of Acarinina developed from the intermediate Acarinina conicotruncana (Subbotina)  to the angular Acarinina crassaformis, (Galloway and Wissler) and from the latter to the rounded Acarinina intermedia Subbotina, Acarinina pseudotopilensis Subbotina, Acarinina acarinata Subbotina, Acarinina triplex Subbotina, Acarinina interposita Subbotina, Acarinina pentacamerata (Subbotina), Acarinina rotundimarginata Subbotina, and Acarinina
rugosoaculeata Subbotina.

All the new species of rounded Acarinina were previously grouped by us and other research workers under the general name Globorotalia crassaformis (Galloway and Wissler). However, the large amount of material indicates that there are actually several species, each of which has a different stratigraphic distribution and has slight but always distinctive morphologic features of test structure.

The following species were included in the genus Acarinina by Subbotina (1953):


Subbotina, N. N. (1953). Foraminiferes fossiles d'URSS Globigerinidae, Globorotaliidae, Hantkeninidae. Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres. 2239: 1-144. gs


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