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Beella chathamensis McCulloch 1977
= Beella digitata
Beella discors McCulloch 1977
= Globigerinella adamsi
Beella guadalupensis McCulloch 1977
= Beella digitata


Citation: Beella Banner & Blow, 1960
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina digitata Brady, 18 79

Current identification/main database link: Beella Banner & Blow, 1960

See also: Globigerina digitata - type species;

Original Description

Globorotalia (as emended by Banner and Blow, 1959) in which the adult chambers become radially elongate. The aperture remains interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical, ventral throughout ontogeny, not extending beyond the periphery onto the dorsal side. No carinae present.

This subgenus is named for Dr. Allan Bé in recognition of his work on the ecology of recent Globigerinaceae, of his advice in discussion and of his help in supplying valuable and rare material

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This subgenus differs from all superficially similar hantkeninid genera in lacking portici (Banner and Blow, 1959). It differs from all Hastigerininae by its typical lipped globorotalid aperture which never becomes interiomarginal-equatorial in position. Hastigerinella bermudezi Bolli 195 7, and possibly Globigerina radians Egger 1893, are believed to belong to Globorotalia (Beella). We have observed other forms, especially in recent material (as yet undescribed), which are also referable to this subgenus.

Editors' Notes
Described as a sub-genus, Globorotalia (Beella), but almost always used as a genus.


Banner, F. T. & Blow, W. H. (1960b). The taxonomy, morphology and affinities of the genera included in the subfamily Hastigerininae. Micropaleontology. 6(1): 19-31. gs


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