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Blefuscuiana kuznetsovae

Citation: Blefuscuiana kuznetsovae Banner&Desai 1988
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: P1. 3, fig. 10 (holotype); pl. 4, figs. 1-4; P52097
Type sample (& lithostrat): Sample 8103,
Type age (chronostrat): Late Aptian, Upper Leupolidina cabri zone
Type locality: Speeton Cliff, Filey Bay, North Yorkshire, England.
Type repository: London, UK; NHM

Linked specimens: London, UK; NHM (PM P 52097) London, UK; NHM (PM PF 52097)

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella kuznetsovae (Banner and Desai, 1988)

Original Description

Test a low trochospire, completely evolute and flat or slightly concave on the spiral side, with 6-8 chambers in the last whorl. On the spiral side, chambers are inflated, subglobular, approximately as high as long, intercameral sutures being depressed and radial or very slightly oblique, the spire opens slowly; on the spiral side the test diameter is 2.5-2.8 times the height of the last formed chamber. The umbilicus is broad (about 0.27 of the test diameter) and shallow; on this side, the sutures are depressed and radial. The aperture is a low arch, from the umbilicus to the periphery of the penultimate whorl, with a distinct porticus which broadens slightly posteriorly; discrete relict apertures and their portici are open for at least half of the last whorl. The wall is smooth and microperforate, the external openings of the perforations being 0.6-0.7 microns in diameter, spaced at 1.3-5 microns distance.

In honour of K. I. Kuznetsova, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Geological Institute, Moscow, in recognition of her researches into Jurassic-Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. B. kuznetsova differs from B. globigerinelloides (Subbotina) (Globigerina globigerinelloides Subbotina, 1949, Early Albian, Caucasus) in possessing a very much wider umbilicus, with more clearly displayed relict portici (see also Hedbergella globigerinelloides (Subbotina) of Gorbachik, 1989, pl. 18, figs. 2-3). Of all the species described by Longoria (1974), the closest to B. kuznetsovae are some paratypes of “Hedbergella” luterbacheri (e.g. 1974 pl. 19, figs. 21-26); however, the holotype (1974, pl. 26, figs. 15-17) is very different, in its possession of long, depressed reniform chambers, a more slowly opening spire (ratio of test diameter to chamber height is about 4.25) and a deeper umbilicus. It is possible that B. kuznetsovae has in the past, not been distinguished from these Aptian-Albian species.


Banner, F. T. & Desai, D. (1988). A review and revision of the Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Globigerinina,with especial reference to the Aptian assemblages of Speeton (North Yorkshire, England). Journal of Micropalaeontology. 7: 143-185. gs


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Comments (2)

Le Coze

Blefuscuiana kuznetsovae is the type species of Blefuscuiana if accepted as Hedbergella kuznetsovae it would mean Blefuscuiana is a junior synonym of Hedbergella.

Jeremy Young(UK)

true - I need to refer that to Brian though