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Candeina d'Orbigny, 1839
= Candeina

Canderotalia Saito 1992

Candorbulina Jedlitschka 1934

Candorbulina universa

Carinoturborotalia BouDagher-Fadel 2012

Cassidulina d'Orbigny 1826

Cassidulina chipolensis
Cassidulina globulosa
Cassidulina winniana

Cassigerinella Pokorny, 1955
= Cassigerinella
Cassigerinella boudecensis
Cassigerinella eocaenica
Cassigerinella globolocula
Cassigerinella regularis
Cassigerinella spinata

Cassigerinelloita Stolk, 1965
= Cassigerinelloita
Cassigerinelloita amekiensis

Catapsydrax Bolli, Loeblich & Tappan, 1957
= Catapsydrax
Catapsydrax apenninicus
Catapsydrax echinatus
Catapsydrax golicynensis
Catapsydrax gortanii
Catapsydrax indianus
Catapsydrax parvulus
Catapsydrax prahovensis
Catapsydrax stainforthi
Catapsydrax unicavus
Catapsydrax venzoi

Caucasella Longoria 1974

Caucasella handousi

Chiloguembelina Loeblich&Tappan, 1956
= Chiloguembelina

Chiloguembelinella El-Naggar 1971

Chiloguembelitria Hofker 1978

Chiloguembelitria biseriata
Chiloguembelitria danica
Chiloguembelitria hofkeri
Chiloguembelitria trilobata

Ciperoella Olsson & Hemleben, in Olsson et al. 2018
= Ciperoella

Civisina Apellániz et al. 2002

Civisina euskalherriensis

Clavatorella Blow 1965
= Clavatorella
Clavatorella nicobarensis
Clavatorella paleocenica
Clavatorella salumensis

Claviblowiella BouDagher-Fadel et al. 1997

Clavigerinella Bolli et al 1957
= Clavigerinella
Clavigerinella akersi
Clavigerinella alicantensis
Clavigerinella nazcaensis

Praeglobotruncana (Clavihedbergella) Banner & Blow 1959
= Clavihedbergella
Clavihedbergella eocretacea
Clavihedbergella globulifera
Clavihedbergella primare

Claviticinella El-Naggar 1971

Compactogerina Simmons et al. 1997

Conoglobigerina Morozova in Morozova&Moskalenko, 1961
= Conoglobigerina
Conoglobigerina avariformis
Conoglobigerina biapertura
Conoglobigerina grigelisi
Conoglobigerina pupa
Conoglobigerina solaperta
Conoglobigerina trilocula

Contusotruncana Korchagin 1982
= Contusotruncana

Coscinosphaera Stuart 1866
= Orbulina
Coscinosphaera ciliosa

Costellagerina S. W. Petters, El-Nakhal,&Cifelli 1983
= Costellagerina

CribrohantkeninaThalmann, 1942
= Cribrohantkenina

Cuneolina d'Orbigny 1839

Cuneolina elegans


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