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Dentoglobigerina eotripartita Pearson, Wade & Olsson, in Wade et al.  2018
= Dentoglobigerina eotripartita
Dentoglobigerina juxtabinaiensis Fox and Wade 2013
= Dentoglobigerina juxtabinaiensis
Dentoglobigerina taci Pearson & Wade 2015
= Dentoglobigerina taci


Citation: Dentoglobigerina Blow, 1979
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina galavisi Bermudez, 1961

Current identification/main database link: Dentoglobigerina Blow, 1979

Original Description

Globigerinacea and Globoquadrinidae in which the primary aperture of the last chamber is inwardly directed and interiomarginal, essentially intraumbilical in position, and which consistently maintains this position throughout ontogeny. The primary aperture may become a little asymmetrically placed with respect to the centre of the umbilicus and may become slightly more extended towards the anterior side of the last chamber than it does towards the posterior side of this chamber. The primary aperture consistently bears a "portical umbilical-tooth" (see p. 441 for definition of term) which is also usually developed above the relict apertures of the earlier chambers within the tests. The "portical umbilical-tooth" of the last chamber is restricted laterally to the confines of the umbilici' and is usually asymmetrically triangular in shape. The chambers are subglobular to slightly laterally compressed and sometimes slightly angulate in equatorial profile. No supplementary sutural apertures and no bullae are developed. The wall is perforate with the mural-pores opening into distinct pore-pits. The test walls are composed of layers of microgranules whose "c"-optical axes are in preferred orientation normal to the test surfaces. The genus is confined to the later parts of the Palaeogene faunas and the Neogene faunas of the Cainozoic Era.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: The writer includes in his new genus all those later Palaeogene and Neogene taxa which bear "portical umbilical-teeth" and which have essentially intraumbilical primary apertures that do not significantly change in position with respect to the umbilicus throughout ontogeny. Many of the taxa now included in Dentoglobigerina n.gen. have been previously ascribed to the genus Globoquadrina Finlay, 1947, by other authors as well as the present writer in earlier work (including Blow, 1969, in Part I).


Blow, W. H. (1979). The Cainozoic Globigerinida: A study of the morphology, taxonomy, evolutionary relationships and stratigraphical distribution of some Globigerinida (mainly Globigerinacea). E. J. Brill, Leiden. 2: 1-1413. gs


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