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Dipsidripella hodisensis Brotea 1995
= Dipsidripella danvillensis
Dipsidripella liqianyui Huber & Pearson, in Huber et al. 2006
= Dipsidripella liqianyui


Citation: Dipsidripella Brotea, 1995
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Dipsidripella hodisensis Brotea, 1995
Described on page(s) : 31

Current identification/main database link: Dipsidripella Brotea, 1995, emend Huber et al. 2006

Original Description

Test small to medium-sized; chambers globular, inflated, trochospiral, arranged in a low to slightly high spire; sutures deep, radial on both sides; peripheral margin rounded, peripheral outline lobalted; wall calcareous, finely perforated; surface strongly hispid with regular distributed spines on surface; aperture a low arch, umbilical-extraumbilical.

Extra details from original publication
Lower Olilgocene or uppermost Eocene, Upper Brebi Marls Fm., Monotypic

Hispid globigerinas recorded from the above-mentioned region [North Transylvania] are difficult to be assigned to the one known genus. The morphologic features are far from the genera Muricoglobigerina Blow or Testacarinata Jenkins. With the last one there have been observed some similarities concerning the presence of hispid ornamentation of the test. It differs from Testacarinata in lacking the larger spines in the equatorial area and by the rounded peripheral margin. For this type of globigerina a new genus is proposed.


Brotea, D. (1995). A new planktonic foraminifer in upper Eocene deposits from north Transylvania. Romanian Journal of Paleontology. 76: 31-33. gs


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