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Citation: Edgarinella Georgescu 2013
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type age (chronostrat): Late Santonian–early Maastrichtian.
Type locality: Cosmopolitan.

Current identification:

Original Description

Directional lineage: Edgarinella Georgescu new genus

Species included: IS: E. globigerinoides (Brotzen 1936) (Plate 13, Figures 1–3) and FDS: E. mississippica (Ehrenberg 1854) (Plate 13, Figures 4–8).

Diagnosis: Directional lineage with peripheral structures consisting of one imperforate peripheral bordered by two rows of isolated or fused pustules and the aperture bordered by one wide perforate, more rarely imperforate tegillum.

Description: Test low to medium high trochospiral; chambers are globular subglobular in the IS and dorso–ventrally compressed in FDS. Sutures are depressed throughout in the IS and raised and curved on the spiral side in FDS. Test shape is asymmetrical, with convex spiral side and concave umbilical side; periphery is broadly rounded in the IS and truncated in the FDS. Peripheral structures occur on all the chambers of the final whorl and consist of one imperforate band bordered by isolated dome–like pustules that occasionally fuse to form rugosities or weak keels; the two rows of pustules are more prominent over the earlier chambers of the final whorl. Aperture is a medium high arch in umbilical position and is bordered by a wide perforate tegillum. Chamber surface is ornamented with scattered pustules, which can fuse to form rugosities or larger irregular ornamentation structures; ornamentation is more prominent on the earlier test chambers.
 Test wall is calcitic, hyaline, simple and perforate; pores are circular, rarely elliptical and with a diameter of 0.0010–0.0036 mm.

Directional lineage named after Dr Edgar K. Robert (Farlow Herbarium, Harvard University).

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: Edgarinella differs from the directional lineage Dorbignya mainly by having the peripheral structures consisting of one imperforate band bordered by two rows of pustules both in the IS and FDS rather than only one imperforate band in the FDS and aperture covered by one wide perforate, rarely imperforate tegillum rather than one perforate porticus.


Georgescu, M. D. (2013c). Revised evolutionary systematics of the Cretaceous planktic foraminifera described by C.G. Ehrenberg. Micropaleontology. 59: 1-48. gs


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