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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Favusella quadrata Michael 1973

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Favusella quadrata

Citation: Favusella quadrata Michael 1973
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Plate 4, figs. 7-9; Holotype: USNM 172799; Paratype: USNM 172800; paratypes F.M. 10; PesĀ­ sagno Collection, University of Texas at Dallas.
Type locality: Tex 13 Grayson County (Sample L.T.Dc. 4); Duck Creek Formation.
Type repository: Washington; USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-172799 USNM-172800

Current identification/main database link: Favusella washitensis (Carsey, 1926)

Original Description

Test large, a low trochospire of two and a half volutions of fairly spherical chambers that increase gradually in size; usually five chambers in last whorl; umbilicus quite wide, shallow; peripheral out- line rounded, overall configuration of test quadrate-shaped; sutures distinct, radial and straight; primary aperture interiomarginal, umbilical to slightly extra-umbilical; cancellate pattern well developed; polygonal areas usually hexagonal, sometimes pentagonal; always equal in size.

from quadratus-a-um (Latin) = four cornered or square.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: F. quadrata, n. sp., is characterized by its widc umbilicus, spherical chambcrs and umbilical aper­ ture. It differs from F. nitida, n. sp., in having a much wider umbilicus, spherical chambers, a finer cancellate pattern, and a test which is less convex spirally.
Range: Upper Albian: Hedbergella implicata Sub­ zone to H. punctata Subzone of the F. washitensis Assemblage Zone.
Occurrence: F. quadrata, n. sp., is abundant in Duck Creek Formation and relatively rare in Fort Worth and Denton Formations of the North Central Texas area.


Michael, F. Y. (1973). Planktonic foraminifera from the Comanchean Series (Cretaceous) of Texas. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 2 (1972)(4): 200-220. gs


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