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Globanomalina laccadivensis Fleisher 1974

Globanomalina ovalis Haque 1956
= Globanomalina ovalis
Globanomalina ovalis var. lakiensis Haque 1956
= Globanomalina chapmani
Globanomalina praepumilio Parker 1967

Globanomalina rakhiensis Warraich et al. 2000

Globanomalina simplex Haque 1956

Globanomalina simplex var. orbicularis Haque 1956

Globanomalina wilcoxensis globulosa Gohrbandt 1967


Citation: Globanomalina Haque, 1956
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globanomalina ovalis Haque, 1956

Current identification/main database link: Globanomalina Haque, 1956

Original Description

Test oval to nearly circular in outline, periphery lobate, composed of somewhat globular chambers arranged in a trochoid spiral , usually very low. All the chambers are visible from the dorsal side, which may be flattened or convex. Ventral side completely involute, umbilicate . Surface smooth, s hiny. Wall cal careous, finely perforate, built of radially arranged crystals of calcite. Aperture peripheral, sometimes extending to the umbilicus on the ventral side, usually with a short lip.

Lower Eocene

Extra details from original publication
This genus is erected here to include all the species of Anomalina d'Orbigny, 1826, with globose chambers, evolute dorsally, without any umbo-plug, and those species of Globigerina d'Orbigny, 1826, with a smooth wall.

Globanomalina differs from Globigerina in the very smooth tests. Globigerina bulloides d'Orbigny, the genotype of that genus, has a typical spinose test, and the aperture is at the umbilicus.

From Anomalina this genus is differentiated by the trochoid test with involute ventral and evolute dorsal sides, globose chambers and in the character of the aperture, which sometimes extends into the umbilicus.

Valvulineria Cushman, 1926, differs from this genus in the valvular flap over the umbilicus and more compressed chambers.

This genus possesses nearly all the characters of the family Rotaliidae, e. g., calcareous, perforate, radial, hyaline wall; trochoid test; and the aperture which is more or less ventral.

The following species were included in the genus Globanomalina by Haque (1956):


Haque, A. F. M. M. (1956). The smaller foraminifera of the Ranikot and the Laki of the Nammal gorge, Salt Range. Memoir of the Pakistan Geological Survey. 1: 1-300. gs


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